Most Beautiful iPad Case. Ever

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Oberon Celtic Hounds iPad mini case

Yesterday afternoon I received this little fella in the mail. It’s a review unit of the Celtic Hounds iPad mini Cover, from the lovely folks at Oberon Design.

I’ll spend some time with the case and then do a review, but I can tell you one thing right now:

This is – easily – The Most Beautiful iPad case ever.

It is just ridiculously beautiful. I’ve reviewed one other Oberon iPad case – the Hokusai iPad 2 Case – and I know Oberon does a range of gorgeous cases, but this one is just stunning.

This is real artisan craftsmanship at its best, and made right here in the USA.

I’ll be less productive today, because of time spent just admiring the crap out of this case.

If you want to see more detail or order one of these, check them out at Oberon’s product page.

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4 thoughts on “Most Beautiful iPad Case. Ever”

  1. Price looks reasonable, especially if it is as beautiful as you say since pictures apparently don’t do it justice.

    The weight however… Weight with device: 1 lb 4 oz. (ipad Mini is .68 oz.) makes it seem a bit less attractive given that a key selling point of the Mini is its very light weight.

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