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ibeaniecatsiBeani Tablet and iPad Stands are very good products with very practical functionality. We’re a big fan of iBeani iPad stands. iBeani Tablet and iPad Stands are hand made in UK and sold online. My initial thought when I first saw it, “It doesn’t look all that impressive, it looks kind of simple”. However, I’ve discovered its simplicity is, among others, it’s strength.

© iBeani Tablet and iPad Stand

I was surprised find that all they sold on the website were these iBeani Tablet and iPad Stands. Then I checked out their customer reviews and everyone seems to love them and have nothing but great things to say about them.

Okay, maybe there was something to these simple looking iBeani stands. Only one way to find out why they had such a strong following of buyers who claimed to purchase more than one, many to give them away as presents. I requested iBeani of different material and designs and they arrived a couple weeks later.

My first reaction upon picking up the package, “These are super light”. I opened the bag to find four iBeani stands and placed them on a table. All four of them looked really good, made from nice material with cute designs. Before I could examine them further my kids were all over them and wanted to try them out themselves, each running off gleefully with one in tow, leaving one for me to examine.

I herded the kids back together an hour later and asked them what they thought of the iBeani stands. They all absolutely loved them, just as I did. I started taking notes and everyone pretty much said the same things, we all agreed it was a great tablet stand and gave it a rating of 5 out of 5.

© iBeani Tablet and iPad Stand

Here’s what all of us enthusiastically agreed about the iBeani stands.

  • The iBeani stands were very versatile, whether you place it on your lap, stomach or on a table.
  • Very practical application because you can adjust the viewing angle and it holds.
  • The cute art designs catered to different tastes and adored by all.
  • The little pocket on the side was a hit too, for the iPhones.
  • Has a handy loop for carrying it around easily.
  • 50 different design options available, suitable for all tastes.

We tried the stands on iPads, iPad Mini, iPhones, Kindles and they all worked great. The kids especially like to carry them in the car because they can set the viewing angle easily while the iBeani rests on their lap. It even works when placing a book, especially handy if it’s a cookbook in the kitchen.

© iBeani Tablet and iPad Stand

Also like the fact it’s super light weight. The material is machine washable, there’s actually no need to remove the beads at all, they’re totally waterproof. The iBeani has two zippers, with the one on the inside being inverted. This is to stop children from getting in to the beads for safety reasons. As long as it’s popped in the washing machine on a cool wash then it’ll come out fine. Some people may prefer to throw them in an empty pillow case or similar for added protection.

There’s thousands of light weight beads inside which allows custom positioning for the devise you’re using.

iBeani – Bottom Zipper

At £24.99 (approx. USD $30) before taxes, it’s a great value for the price given how much use you’ll get out of it. You can find iBeani couple codes online where you can get 10% Off your purchase.

  • Free shipping on all orders within UK, usually 2 – 3 working days.
  • Shipping fees to Europe is £3.49 (FREE on orders over £40), usually 5-7 working days.
  • Rest of the world it’s £4.49 or approx. USD $5.50 (FREE on orders over £40), 7-10 working days.

We highly recommend iBeani Tablet and iPad Stands for anyone looking for a versatile and reliable iPad and tablet stand. In fact, my kids have already decided this is a perfect gift for their friends and teachers come Christmas.

© iBeani – Small Side Pocket

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