My First iPad Accessories Are Arriving

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Pogo Sketch stylus

I have been excited about getting my hands on an iPad since the first day Steve announced it.  You might think it would be hard for guys like me to get any more excited about the iPad’s arrival – but apparently not.

My iPad accessories are starting to trickle in – and that is amping up my excitement level quite nicely.  A few days back I received the Apple Bluetooth keyboard – which I tried out quickly and found very nice to type on, and of course very compact.

Today I got my Pogo Sketch stylus – which is also looking lovely and sleek and raring to go. I also ordered some of Apple’s iPad specific accessories, which of course are not due to ship for a few weeks yet.

Have you started receiving any iPad accessories yet?  Is it April 3rd yet?

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10 thoughts on “My First iPad Accessories Are Arriving”

    1. What else = the iPad Keyboard Dock, the longer power cable thingie, and the Apple case. I called two local Austin Apple stores to ask whether they know if they'll have any of the Apple accessories available on launch day – and even after consulting managers etc, they didn't have a clue.

  1. Im getting excited too! got my stylus last week along with a case. this week my keyboard should be coming. I dont know if I want to wait for the Apple case as I have seen other ones that look nicer.

  2. My Tom Bihn Ristretto bag came. I pre-ordered the Apple case, it says ships ‘by April 3rd’ so I’m hopeful.

  3. Wait … who has nicer cases coming out? I've looked at a lot of possible contenders and yet to come across one that looks as functional and as nice, and doesn't have just a "coming soon" on their website. I want a case, not a 6 month wait for one.

    Which one's are you considering?

    1. That's my issue as well – I want a case that works as a stand as well – most of the 3rd party cases I've seen are just sleeves, or the occasional book – but none that prop the screen up for typing or viewing.

    2. Vaja, Case-mate and Waterfield are three that spring to mind for me. That's on the looks side of things, though I think functionality looked pretty good as well – though with some I don't know full details yet.

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