Need an iPad mini Case that Costs More than a Ferrari? Here’s One

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700K iPad mini case

Great news for new iPad mini owners here. I’m sure many of you who have just bought an iPad mini may be looking round for good cases to use with it. Maybe looking for just the right sort of case to spend $700,000 on.

Yup, no typos in that number on the line above – that is Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars. For an iPad mini case. Seven hundred grand for a case for a $300 device. Lets not rush to judgment on this one though. Here’s why we need this:

Why not up the wow factor and make a real statement with an iPad Mini encrusted in glistening sapphires and diamonds?!

With The Natural Sapphire Company’s statement-making sapphire and diamond case, consumers can leave the clutch at home and make the iPad Mini their accessory of choice.

I have to agree that showing off a seven hundred thousand dollar case for an iPad mini definitely makes a statement – just not sure it’s the sort of statement implied above.

The Natural Sapphire Company are apparently also the makers of a $100,00 case for the iPhone 5 – though at that sort of knock-down price I guess that’s part of their costume jewelry line or something.

Here’s my favorite line from the press release for the $700K iPad mini case:

So, what will be the cost of this incredible accessory, this stunning accoutrement, this lavish symbol of distinction? Just $700,000 or 3 easy installments of $233,333.33!!!

Yowza. You don’t have to come up with the whole $700K at once. Just 3 easy installments of over two hundred grand. Heck, I may order a couple for holiday gifts.

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