New Gelaskin Companion for My iPad 2 Smart Cover

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So my iPad 2 and its lovely smart cover have a new companion. A new ultra-light Gelaskin for the back of the iPad 2. It’s called Cable Cranes and the artwork is by Nanami Cowdroy.

It’s funny – my writing colleague and friend Thomas Wong got this gelaskin months ago and I thought it looked a bit too busy for my taste when I first saw it. But it has grown on me, so after my recent removal of a ZAGG leatherskin from the iPad 2 and an attempt at re-applying my first Gelaskin (Vintage Dr. Gonzo) I decided to order it. My re-application went pretty well by the way, but it had a couple little bits at the top that just wouldn’t stay on firmly anymore.

I received the new Gelaskin today and took about 15 minutes removing the previous one (which left the iPad 2 spotless and unscathed) and putting the new one on. I’m not at all sure why, but my best ever application of a Gelaskin was my first ever time doing it. After that, I’ve been a bit of a one-hit wonder, never quite churning out another pop hit near-perfect install.

Today’s effort was OK – it hugs all the ports and buttons very nicely, but I got some little creases in a few places. They’re all totally my fault from moving just a bit too quick, but I’m content with the result for now. Oh, and I love the way this skin looks and of course the way it keeps the iPad 2’s wonderful lightness.

You can check out the Cable Cranes iPad 2 Gelaskin ($29.95) and all their other groovy designs here:

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