New Just Mobile UpStand for iPad Looks Good

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UpStand for iPad

This new iPad stand looks pretty sharp.  It’s called the Just Mobile UpStand, and it’s made by Just Mobile.  Here’s a slice of their description of it:

Just Mobile UpStand™ is the high-style desktop stand for iPad. Precision engineered from aluminum, the UpStand’s supporting grips are finished in rubber to hold your iPad firmly in place and keep it pristine. It’s compatible with most iPad cases, too.

The UpStand™ will float your iPad at just the right height for desktop use – it’s perfect for working with a Bluetooth keyboard, watching movies or using the iPad as a digital picture frame.

It looks like it is usable with a slimline iPad case as well …


Here are some of its key features:

• Solid aluminum construction • Stylish and practical • Non-slip feet • Perfect viewing angle
• Dazzling radial finish

The Just Mobile UpStand goes for $49.95 – and you can see more details on it and place find out where to buy one here:

I have to admit, I am starting to find iPad stands my favorite sort of iPad accessory to look at –even though I already have a great one. :)

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