New Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the New iPad and iPad 2 Looks Great

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How cool does the new Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the new 2012 iPad and iPad 2 look? My answer would be very cool indeed. Here’s what’s to like about it:

— It’s a Smart cover alternative that packs a good looking Bluetooth wireless keyboard to pair up with your iPad 2 or new iPad. It attaches automatically like the Apple Smart Cover and supports the iPad’s automatic sleep/wake feature.

— It’s made of ‘ultrathin’ aluminum.

— It looks like the most slimline keyboard case combo I’ve seen yet for the iPad.

These go for $99.99 and are available for pre-order from Logitech now (shipping is expected within 2-4 weeks according to their Consumer Sales office). I just ordered one – and I’ll be sure to share some thoughts on it once I get it and try it out.

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7 thoughts on “New Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the New iPad and iPad 2 Looks Great”

  1. That lip on the edge on either side of the spacebar is a deal breaker. I’ve tried others with that lip and they are untypeable.

  2. Looks pretty awesome, but the magnetic clip won’t work practically sometimes. It may fall off in real world use.

  3. I literally just bought a Logitech Keyboard for iPad (which I’m very pleased with) – but I’m having some gadget lust for this I must admit! Looking forward to seeing what you make of it.

  4. I bought a Logitech Keyboard Cover last month, and although it still doesn’t come close to the comfort I get from typing on a laptop, it sure makes typing on the iPad a heck of a lot easier. I used to hate writing documents on my iPad, simply because my typing speed dropped dramatically when trying to type on the iPad’s touch screen. With the Logitech Keyboard Cover, it’s gone back up a little, and that’s nice.

    In all fairness, it’s completely changed the way I use my iPad. I love function in my cases, and that’s exactly what this case brings.

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