Oh – New Glamour Shots of the Brydge iPad Keyboard Case

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Brydge iPad keyboard case

I got another Kickstarter update email about the Brydge iPad keyboard case. The project team’s status update included the news that packaging is complete and more.

It also mentioned that a number of backers were keen to see what Brydge looks like paired with a white iPad. As you can see above, it looks great.

The email included a nice selection of new glamour shots of Brydge. Here’s another couple of my favorites:

Brydge Black iPad keyboard case

Brydge Keyboard closeup

One thing that jumps out at me is the very generous spacing between keys on the Brydge keyboard. I’m very happy to see that. I’ve tried out quite a few iPad keyboard cases that have very tight key spacing and are pretty terrible to type on. It looks like Brydge will not suffer from that issue.

I’m looking forward to receiving mine this month.

Did any of you back the Brydge Kickstarter project?

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7 thoughts on “Oh – New Glamour Shots of the Brydge iPad Keyboard Case”

  1. Very bad that the arrow-up key is where the right shift should be. This keyboard is virtually unusable for typists that use all ten fingers!

  2. The keyboard on the Brydge site videos is different: there, the right shift key is where it should be.

    Well, what layout did they choose?

  3. I purchased the Brydge Keyboard after the Kickstarter project was already completed. I’ll likely get my keyboard after they fulfill the Kickstarter orders. Looking forward to your review.
    What do you think about the redesigned hinge?

  4. It is November and I’ve still haven’t received my brydge nor have I received any notification that it has shipped. I’m actually kind of disappointed that I backed this project at the level to get a reward because I’ve received none. What really annoyed me though was their lack of updates in a timely manner. They update at the END of October that it’s delayed because of this or that. Of course it’s delayed. That’s a given. It’s the end of October! It could have been conveyed of a possible delay in the middle of October, but they decided to wait until the end of the month to say it. *sigh*…

    1. Please post as soon as you get it, looking forward to mine, but getting a bit impatient. No clue or word as to when it will ship.

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