Ordered a Full-Protection Case with Smart Cover Tech for the iPad 2

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For a while now, I’ve been on the lookout for 3rd party iPad 2 cases that offer both full protection and support for the smart cover tech, for magnetic closure and automatic sleep/wake of the iPad 2.

There are not many around as yet. There is this beautiful one from Vaja Cases though. It’s called the Libretto for iPad 2 and I ordered one yesterday in the standard dark brown shown above. Here are its key features:

Vaja exclusive leather
Opens like a book
Black microfiber interior lining
Magnetic closure with sleep mode
Access to main functions
2 different landscape positions

If you’ve ever seen and felt a Vaja case, you know these are wonderfully high quality leather and beautifully crafted by Vaja in Argentina. They are relatively pricy cases but as soon as you lay eyes on them you know they’re well worth the cost.

I chose zero customization options for the Libretto, though as usual there were plenty to choose from, as I’m hoping that may slightly reduce the estimated 35 days production and ship time.

Speaking of Vaja, I’ve got a very nice giveaway contest starting later today for those of you who have an original iPad. Look out for that very soon.

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4 thoughts on “Ordered a Full-Protection Case with Smart Cover Tech for the iPad 2”

  1. HOLY CHIT! That’s $160 bucks?! Are you nuts?! Does your wife know about this?

    While we’re at it … I’ll gladly take your old iPad stuff :)

  2. I know, I know. Don’t smoke cigars, I’m not nuts, spouse doesn’t keep track of my iPad spending. It’s pricy but Vaja makes top quality cases and this will serve the iPad 2 really well.

  3. .Too Rich for my blood. I’ll stick to my $8 Chinese made faux leather in red.. Only tng missing is smart cover.. But meh..

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