Padintosh Case for iPad: First Impressions

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I posted last week about the Padintosh Case for iPad, and how striking looking it was. I ordered one very shortly after seeing it at ThinkGeek, and it arrived a little earlier today.

I’ve only given it a very quick tryout so far, but I’ve already learned one important thing at it, and have some quick first impressions to share. The one big thing I’ve learned is that this case is not fully compatible with the ultra-thin Gelaskin that I use in the back cover of my new (2012) iPad. It very nearly fits, but not quite. I can get the iPad into 3 of the 4 corner slots of the case by not into the final one, no matter which way I try to insert it.

Other than that one drawback, I’m quite impressed with the Padintosh iPad case. The cutouts are among the cleanest and most precise I’ve ever seen on a back cover case like this. The case feels solid and should offer good protection to the back of the iPad. It works nicely with the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad too.


Oh, and it’s incredibly cool looking if you’re a Mac fan. Or maybe even if you’re not – my 9 year old daughter thinks its great too. It’s sure to draw lots of positive attention and comments if you take it out and about with you.

I like it a lot, but not enough as yet to make me want to remove my Gelaskin, which I might or might not be able to put back on successfully later. The case might be usable with the iPad just inserted into 3 corners of it, of I handle it with care – but obviously that’s less than ideal. If I did decide to take the Gelaskin off, then I’ll write a full review of this case at some point.

This is a great looking and fun back cover case,especialy at its $24.99 prince point. If you don’t use any sort of skin on the back of your iPad and you’re a big Mac / Apple fan, then this case is well worth a look. You can check it out in more detail or place an order at its ThinkGeek product page.

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2 thoughts on “Padintosh Case for iPad: First Impressions”

  1. Honestly when I saw the image it took me back to 1991..This case will be a major point of discussion if shown to family, friends and of course IT geeks.

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