Perfect Shirt for Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve and Your iPad on Your Chest

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iPad holding t-shirt

You may need to do your own customizing for the heart on sleeve bit, but if you’re after a shirt that will let you puff out your chest with an iPad on it, then the Syte Shirt looks like a good bet.  Here’s a little of its description:

The Syte Shirt is a hands-free, interative iPad t-shirt. When wearing a Syte Shirt, users can carry their iPad in a safe and secure location while expressing their creativity. Look around the website to get inspiration for your shirt or to share your ideas.

Displays your iPad in landscape mode
Capacitive-transmitting vinyl screen allows for full iPad functionality (water and dust-resistant)
Hidden zipper for secure retention and convenient access

You can’t really argue with hands-free, interactive things right there on your shirt. These go for $49.95 and you can grab one here:

Via: Gizmodo

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