Piel Frama’s iMagnum – A Smart Looking Companion for the iPad Smart Cover

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I’ve always heard very good things about Piel Frama cases. The Spanish company has a strong reputation for the quality of its leather and cases for iOS devices. A comment earlier today from reader Glenys prompted me to take a look at their site and their iPad 2 offerings.

They have a number of gorgeous looking iPad 2 cases, but the iMagnum (shown above) is the one that really caught my eye. It’s a back-cover case for the iPad 2 that is intended to work with the iPad 2 smart cover. It comes in a range of colors that nicely match those of the Apple smart covers.

The idea of using an iPad 2 case that’s designed to work with the Apple smart cover is growing on me (more on that in a separate post soon) and I placed an order for an iMagnum today.

What do you all think of iPad 2 cases designed to work with the Apple smart cover?

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3 thoughts on “Piel Frama’s iMagnum – A Smart Looking Companion for the iPad Smart Cover”

  1. $133?! I think I’d rather spend $20 on a BodyGuardz and call it good. Or I’ll just wait for Marware to come out with something a little more reasonably priced. Damn that’s expensive!

  2. I like the idea of a case like this, but I like more protection for my iPad. One really cool one I found recently is at bumabook.com. It’s not available yet, but it looks intriguing.

  3. I’m with brandon… $133 is way to much! I almost didn’t buy the Smart Cover because I wanted the leather one and thought it was a fortune. To drop another $133? For now, I use the Smart Cover. When I’m done, I stick the whole thing (cover and iPad) into a $21 Timbuk2 velcro, padded sleeve I got off Amazon.

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