PlugBug: New iPad/iPhone Travel Charger that Snaps Onto a MacBook Power Adapter

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PlugBug is the latest iOS accessory from Twelve South. It’s a travel charger for the iPad or iPhone that slots right into a MacBook power adapter – saving space and plugs.

Twelve South are the makers of a number of excellent and elegant accessories for Mac and iOS devices. I’m a huge fan of their versatile compact Compass Mobile Stand for the iPad and iPad 2 and my wife is currently deeply in love with their BookBook case for the iPhone 4.

Here’s a little more on the PlugBug, via its Twelve South product page:
The ingenious PlugBug connects to all MacBook Power Adapters. Simply snap PlugBug onto a MacBook Power Adapter, in place of the adapter’s AC plug, and you now have one handy device that charges MacBook and iPad or iPhone at the same time, using only one wall outlet. This can be a real lifesaver when you need to charge both before a meeting or – even more stressful – between connecting flights with only one outlet available.

Along with a beautiful design, PlugBug packs 10 powerful watts, charging iPad as fast as technically possible. In fact, many public USB charging stations, like those found in airports, lack the power to charge an iPad. Not only will PlugBug provide the proper charge, it will charge your iPad up to twice as fast as many competing chargers.

I love the reason why the PlugBug ended up being bright red:

So why is PlugBug red? Noted author and original Mac Evangelist Guy Kawasaki gets credit for the color. When shown an early prototype, Kawasaki insisted PlugBug should carry a show-stopping hue viewable from across the room – or airport. The "Kawasaki Red" PlugBug was born.

This looks like a very handy travel accessory for any of us who use both a MacBook and an iPad or iPhone (or all three). It even looks pretty useful to have around the house – I know I’m always running out of slots on power strips round my office area, so every one saved is a very good thing.

I’ve order a PlugBug today – so no doubt I’ll soon be letting you know what I think of it once I’ve seen it in action.

In the meantime, if you want lots more detail, including an intro video, or to place an order, visit the the PlugBug product page.

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