Quick Look: Nimblstand–providing unique functionality for your iPad + Apple Wireless Keyboard.

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Nimblstand-Gravity Nesting

When it comes to keyboards that are compatible to use with my iPad–I have always had a soft spot for the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It’s a great combination of a full size keybaord that’s not too large, but still feels sturdy and comfortable to type on. One drawback, though, is that with the Apple Wireless Keyboard, you have no practical solution to use it with your iPad when a flat working surface is unavailable . If you want to work on your iPad in a car or any other circumstance where your lap is the closest you are going to get to a table, I have found that your best options are keyboard cases that provide all-in-one solutions.

While there is absoulutely nothing wrong with this use case, I wanted more options, and I wanted at least one of them to include the Apple Wireless Keyboard.  When I discovered the Nimblstand I was intrigued by the possibility of finally being able to type on my lap without compromises.  The Nimblstand is very lightweight (less than 0.5 lbs) becasue it is made out of recycled materials–so carryong it around isn’t a burden.


What makes the Nimblstand unique is how it is engineered. It is designed to only work with your Apple Wireless Keyboard. Set-up couldn’t be easier. The keyboard slides right into a groove machined to firmly hold the keyboard in place and provide support.  The “extension wedge” slides into Nimblstand in one of two locations, depending on your use case scenario. If you’re typing in your lap, the wedge slides in and provides the case needed support.  However, you can reduce your footprint when typing on a flat surface by tucking the wedge under the keyboard via a hidden groove.

Your iPad or iPhone or any other mobile device you might use rests in the opening in the top that accepts devices up to a thickness of 9.6 mm (0.38″).  Ultimately, this is the only factor that will dictate whether or not you are able to use the Nimblstand with or without a case or skin on your device. This also means that with their patented “Gravity Nesting” design the thickness of the device dictates the ultimate viewing angle–albeit, at very small increments.  The width of the Nimblstand also provides you with the option of using it in either portrait or landscape mode.  I often found myself typing in portrait mode on my iPad, while my iPhone 6 Plus sat right next to it.


In additon to the forementioned viewing angles and placement of the extension wedge, you can also use the Nimblstand with your iPad turned around so that it is covering your iPad.  This is most useful in circumstances where you might use the stand while surfing the internet, or watching a movie, or perhaps you’re an artist and you decided that you wanted to upgrade, and include a Wacom Bamboo Stylus ($17) with your Nimblstand purchase.  Then this viewing angle would be the best way for you to get the most out of this utility.

Overall, I think you will be very pleased with the Nimblstand, as it fills a much needed niche while still remaining affordable.  You can buy yours today for the very reasonable price of $39.  Or you can purchase the stand + the Wacom Stylus for $57.

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