Review: Boxwave iPad Charging Adapter

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One of the things I love about my iPad is the convenience it offers me for surfing the internet, reading and writing email, playing games, reading ebooks, and more — literally at my fingertips and with around 10 hours of battery life and instant-on access. The accessories you choose to enhance your iPad experience should be equally useful and convenient, and the iPad Charging Adapter from Boxwave is about as useful and convenient an accessory you will find while costing so little. You can pick one up at Boxwave’s site for only $7.95 right now and it’s a no-brainer to throw it in your bag or pocket so you can charge your iPad from any powered USB port.

Check out some more pictures and a short review of the Boxwave iPad Charging Adapter after the break!

Boxwave’s iPad Charging Adapter is a little less than three inches long and is designed to plug into any USB port, allowing the user to then plug in their iPad charging cable on the other end and charge the iPad. As you can see from the pictures above, I connected my iPad to my MacBook Pro’s USB port and was able to charge my iPad — look carefully at the battery icon and you will see that it is, in fact, charging.

The Boxwave iPad Charging Adapter is a very simple and durable design and fits right in your pocket or, in my case, a small zippered pouch in the bag I use to carry my iPad. It takes up minimal room and is very handy for charging on the go. It gives you far greater freedom to charge your iPad, home or abroad, without the restrictions of needing the traditional iPad charging adapter and wall outlet. Instead, just plug it in to any powered USB port (PC, USB charging adapter, Mac, etc.) and you’re in business. Especially since it’s on sale for only $7.95, it’s a must-have for any iPad user.

If you want more detail about the Boxwave iPad Charging Adapter or wish to order one, visit the Boxwave site right here.

The iPad Charging Adapter was provided by Boxwave for review on Just Another iPhone Blog. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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11 thoughts on “Review: Boxwave iPad Charging Adapter”

    1. Hi nowire360. I used the iPad Charging Adapter with my MacBook Pro and it did not recognize my iPad for syncing, so when in use, it's charge-only. If you want to sync, you'll have to bypass the adapter, sync, then plug it back in for charging.

      1. Really?? Well, that kinda defeats the purpose (My purpose anyway) … But, I guess still convenient to able to charge using the USB. Thanks Brian.

        1. pc manufacturers (or mobo manufacturers I believe) now offers a bypass of the USB limitation for charging the ipad. I use the one provided by Asus, and so far i can sync my ipad while charging it at the same time.

  1. What am I missing here? I just carry my iPad charging cable, which plugs into any USB adapter, and it charges my iPad. Why would I need to plug it into an adapter to charge it when it already charges?

    1. Hi Chris. Well, you are correct that your USB charger will charge your iPad when you plug it into a wall outlet. However, if you plug your sync cable into your laptop USB, for example, it will sync, but it won’t charge. The purpose of Boxwave’s iPad Charging Adapter is to allow you to charge your iPad directly from the USB port on your laptop or any computer for that matter. Hope this helps. :)

      1. Wrong! I sync and charge at the same time! Why would I want to add another piece of wire in the circuit? Works fine on my MacBook and iMac.

        1. I’m glad you’re able to sync also, Arnold. In my experience, my 2007 MacBook Pro will not recognize my iPad when using the adapter to charge — but again, that’s just my experience using it. If you and others are able to sync also, then that’s fantastic and I’m envious ;)

  2. It does seem that iPads will charge on USB – despite saying they are 'Not Charging' on the device they do in fact seem to get a slow trickle. Give it a try.

    Mine charged off my Windows PC the other day using the USB cable that came with my iPad. It was slow but it was definitely a few percent higher when I switched it back on some moments later.

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