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Compass Mobile Stand for iPad

The Compass Mobile Stand for iPad is touted as a versatile and uniquely portable stand for the iPad. I’ve become quite a fan of iPad stands in the months of using the magical new device, so the thought of having a handy one that is easy to take on the go is quite appealing.

When I first saw the Compass Mobile Stand I thought it looked very promising as a stand that could come along when I’m out and about with the iPad. I was excited to try it out and over the last few weeks I’ve been doing just that.


Here’s some of the description of the Compass Mobile Stand, via its pages on the site of its makers, TwelveSouth:

It’s an easel and an instant theater.

Perhaps the biggest strength of this gorgeous sliver of steel is its versatility. Used upright as an easel, Compass lets you view and interact with iPad in both portrait and landscape modes, even if you keep your iPad protected in the Apple case. Use portrait mode for things like iPhoto slideshows, browsing the iBookstore or flipping through an online news article. Turn your iPad on its side, in landscape position, and Compass becomes the ultimate portable theater. Enjoy your favorite YouTube videos and feature-length movies anywhere you go, while keeping your hands free for popcorn and beverages.

Point Compass to work mode.

Compass is an iPad stand designed for those who want to work on their iPad. Designed with a fold-away secondary leg, Compass instantly transforms from an easel to a pint-size work station, angled perfectly for typing on iPad’s onscreen keyboard. Compass makes typing on iPad super comfortable so you can put in long stretches in Keynote, Pages or Numbers without the neck-ache that comes from working with iPad on your lap. Compass is a small, totally mobile tool that can be used on planes, in airports, hotels, coffee shops, cafes and even in boardrooms. When folded flat, this tiny, yet sturdy, iPad stand takes up minimal space inside your briefcase, backpack or computer bag. In short, Compass gets the job done.

Compass goes wherever iPad goes.

Folded flat, Compass is a mere 7-inches long by 1-inch wide, about the size of a candy bar. Small enough to carry anywhere and use everywhere you go. Set it up on a desk, coffee tables, night stands, kitchen countertop and pretty much any flat, stable surface you’re likely to set your iPad on. Think of Compass as a portable easel to display your photography, a mobile movie theater or an instant work station that’s angled at a wrist-happy position for onscreen typing. Made from heavy, powder-coated steel, Compass is solid and super sturdy. It has soft silicone pads on the feet to protect any surface you set it on. It’s the perfect traveling companion for iPad.

My Thoughts

The Compass Mobile Stand is everything I hoped it would be. It is very cleverly designed, versatile, and extremely mobile.

When not in use, it folds down to a surprisingly tiny size – shorter than a butter knife and not a whole bunch wider or thicker.

Compass Mobile iPad stand

It comes with a nice little velvet pouch to carry it in as well, making it even easier to pack in a small kit bag when going out with the iPad. It’s also easy and quick to get it in and out of the pouch. It will even fit pretty well within a front trouser pocket, though I wouldn’t say that would be the ideal or most comfortable way to carry it.


It works well in its viewing mode, but where it excels is in its ‘Work Mode’. It really does present an ideal typing angle when placed in this mode – and I’ve found I can really hammer along when typing with it.

If you’re after a do-it-all stand for the iPad, I’ve not seen any that match the Compass Mobile Stand. It is lightweight, super-easy to carry, and ideal for use when you want to do a bit of typing on the iPad while you’re out at a coffee shop or similar.

This stand goes for $39.99. You can get more detail, see more photos, and place an order at the TwelveSouth pages for it here:

*** This accessory was independently purchased by the post author. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page. 

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13 thoughts on “Review – Compass Mobile Stand for iPad”

  1. Great review Patrick. I have had my Compass for about a month and I can echo everything you have said about this stand. The arms that unfold when you have it set-up as an easel are long enough to accommodate almost any type of case you have around your iPad. I bought mine from Amazon. It is eligible for free two day shipping for Amazon Prime members.

    Keep up the good work with the site.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Glad to hear you're getting great mileage out of the Compass stand as well.

      And will do on the site work. :)

  2. I’ve also had mine for a while and one of the advantages of this stand is its versatility. This thing is going to fit an iPad, iPad 2, 3, … , Playbook, … whatever. You’re not going to have to upgrade it along with your next pad-purchase.

  3. Do the little feet that pop up to support it get in the way while it's in "work mode?" The picture makes it look like they would bump against your hands while you typed.

    1. For me, those feet have caused zero issues. I'm not much of a touch typist, can do it for short spells but more often just a rapid hunter and basher of keys – and work mode with this stand let's me bash away at just about maximum pace :)

  4. It’s terrible. If you push on iPad the stand does not hold firm. I didnt last a day with it. Not sturdy enough for cost of iPad.

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