Review – HoverBar Adjustable Arm for iPad 2

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HoverBar Packaging

HoverBar is an adjustable arm for the iPad 2 – that serves to ‘float’ the iPad 2 next to an iMac or PC display. It’s a simple, great idea – and one that is executed with typical excellence by the clever team at Twelve South. Here’s a bit of its introduction on the product page for it:

HoverBar connects iPad 2 to your Mac, creating a dynamic duo. An awesome, Tony Stark – inspired, desktop workstation with a beautiful Apple display and a killer touchscreen computer hanging by its side. HoverBar presents more ways to use iPad more often.

When I first saw the HoverBar released a few days ago I loved the look of it, immediately ordered one, and had very high expectations for it – as I own and enjoy several other great Twelve South accessories for my Mac and iOS devices. Mine arrived yesterday evening, got setup last night, and it has already been put to some good use.



As you can hopefully see in the picture at the top of this post, the HoverBar comes in very attractive packaging. Twelve South’s packaging has a style of its own but definitely feels quite Apple-like in the obvious love and attention to detail that’s poured into it.

The HoverBar is thankfully very easy to setup. I’ve tried out a few similar coil arms for the iPad and found them all cumbersome to deal with – this one was quick and painless. There are only three main pieces to it – the HoverBar arm, the iPad display clip with collar, and a two-way mounting clamp., and then an Allen key and a few little bits.

The hardest part was finding just the right place to position it on the desktop – as I don’t use an iMac. I also don’t use a stand to raise my MacBook Pro up at all (though I may soon grab one) – so I needed to find a good position and a good height for the HoverBar, as my MBP sits flat on the desk. Within about 15 minutes I had tried out a few positions and found one that I’m quite happy with.

IPad in HoverBar

HoverBar next to Mac

I spent some time using the HoverBar last night and today the iPad 2 has rarely been out of it. Here are some of the things I like best about it:

— It’s very easy – and quick – to get the iPad 2 into it and out of it, and the iPad 2 feels completely secure while in it.

— It’s also simple to turn the iPad 2 from portrait to landscape mode and back again as often as desired while it’s in the HoverBar – and to adjust the angle the iPad is held at.

— The coil arm is immensely flexible – so you can literally bend it to your will in terms of finding the most comfortable position for the iPad 2.

HoverBar for iPad

— Because it’s so easy to move around and mount in different spots this is a very versatile accessory. It works very nicely for me even with my low-slung MacBook Pro – but I can also see it working well in the kitchen or living room. Oh, and I just love the idea of using it at times with a wireless keyboard to setup a pure iPad workstation.

HoverBar iPad workstation

— It’s obviously not ideal for when you need to be doing a lot of typing on your iPad, but it’s fine for things like quick calendar entries while the iPad is in it. And of course it’s superb for almost any type of viewing on the iPad – whether it’s movies or video podcasts, or streams of information.

As for complaints about the HoverBar, I really don’t have any. It’s easy to use, does what it says on the box and a whole lot more, and is already a very fine companion for my iPad 2. I had high expectations for it – and I’m happy to say they’ve been met and exceeded.

Lock Screen

The HoverBar goes for $79.99. If you’d like to see more details on the HoverBar or place an order, check out the Twelve South product page for it here:

Disclosure: The HoverBar was purchased independently by the post author. For further information regarding this site’s review policies, please see the About page.

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14 thoughts on “Review – HoverBar Adjustable Arm for iPad 2”

  1. SO… I saw this too and absolutely wanted one. Then I saw the price tag and realized this is obviously targeted at people with a lot more money than I have. I would love to have one attached to my desk at work, and another for my desk at home but I can find better uses for the $160 (not including tax/shipping) that would cost me.

  2. I love the sleek apple like design. It doesn’t clash with the factory apple products but enhances the experience! The only think I can argue against is the price tag. $80 for a stand is stretching it with my college budget.

  3. I would use this product on my home desk for school work. I love the way it angles the iPad display toward you, making it easier to get things done. Only negative is the price tag!

  4. I love the way that the iPad can be used in so many situations. I would use this in a classroom setting as a document cam and so much more. I could also use it at home as an accessory to the family iMac or in the kitchen when preparing meals. So many uses, that I would have to try it out every where!!!

  5. I really like the pliable arm, so convenient for tons of different applications. Only downside would be if someone uses a case for their iPad, which I suppose they would have to remove if they wanted to use the HoverBar.

  6. I’d use it to freak people out when they walk by my desk. It would also relieve the sore neck I get from looking down at my iPad all day long. Wow factor and good ergonomics. What’s not to like?!

  7. After commenting on the other post, it occurs to me that this could probably replace the iPad mount in my car. (For GPS-viewing purposes, of course!)

    I can easily see attaching it to the edge of the kitchen table or the side of the rolling computer cart. It’s hard to tell if it would work without seeing it, but I think it would attach to my TreadClimber, as well, which would be simply brilliant.

    I agree with previous comments about using it at the kitchen counter for recipe reading, or even viewing Netflix while cooking. (Looks like it would attach to the bottoms of my kitchen cabinets, but they vary in thickness–mine might be on the wide side.)

    1. The product page says it will attach to a surface up to one inch thick – but check there for all the details and requirements please.

  8. I don’t think the price is that outragous. It looks like a quality product and it can be used in many ways. I’d get most of the use out of it in the kitchen. Clamp it to the counter or cabinetts and use the IPad to cook with.

  9. My main function for this would to use it as my secondary monitor. I’ll use this to watch some Netflix/Hulu/YouTube while I’m working on my computer. Plus, I wouldn’t need another iPad Stand. This will replace all other items making my desk clutter free!

  10. I would use it to keep my iPad around when working in the kitchen or cleaning up after a meal – it could be around and accessible, but safely away from any spills.

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