Review – iPad Ultimate SleeveCase (with video)

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iPad Ultimate Sleeve Case 

The iPad Ultimate SleeveCase is a Messenger bag style case for the iPad, from Waterfield Designs.  It offers complete protection for the iPad, with a fair bit of style thrown in. I’ve been trying one out for the last few weeks, and have found it to be a great travel companion for the iPad.

Read on for some thoughts on the iPad Ultimate Sleevecase, a couple more photos, and a little video walk-through as well …

Waterfield’s Description

Here’s a slice of the case’s description at the Waterfield site:

Ultimate iPad Sleeve Protection. Safeguard your iPad with a properly fitted SleeveCase. Cushioned with high-grade neoprene and wrapped in a nearly indestructible ballistic nylon shell, the iPad SleeveCase functions as a stylish stand-alone case or can be inserted into another bag. And no need to take your iPad out of its snug compartment when going through airport security—it’s TSA Checkpoint Friendly. With its impact-resistant screen protecting insert and its scratch-free, screen cleaning Ultrasuede® lining, you’re good to go.

Stylish Protection

The Ultimate SleeveCase looks very professional – like a stylish and compact messenger bag.  The review model I’ve been using features an elegant leather trim on the bottom. 

The Waterfield logo is shown on the velcro strap that secures the iPad in the case, and is rendered nicely enough that it doesn’t detract from the smart appearance of the case.

Ultimate SleeveCase for iPad

A Great ‘A to B’ Case

This is not a case that allows you to use the iPad while it’s in it.  Once it is in the case, the iPad is inaccessible, as you can see from the photos.  It is a case to carry the iPad in when you’re out and about, and want to keep your favorite iDevice safe and sound.  A ‘Get it from A to B’ case.

The inside of the case fits the iPad in securely but quite comfortably, so it is very easy to get the iPad in and out of the case very quickly.  The ultra-suede lining treats the iPad nicely when it’s in the case, and perhaps even helps to give it a little clean as it is taken in and out of the case.

There’s a slim pocket on the back side of the case, which can be used to store paperwork or perhaps headphones or other small-ish accessory items when needed.

A number of the iPad cases I’ve tried are just a little fiddly to get the iPad in and out of.  I’ve found the Ultimate SleeveCase to be great for when I’m in a hurry – as it’s so quick to get my iPad into it.

The case is also well-sized and well-suited for taking the iPad along in a messenger bag with other equipment.  It’s got more than enough padding to feel safe and fits well in a bag holding my laptop and other assorted bits of kit as well.


As well as the leather trim used on my review model, there is a patterned fabric trim option that can be selected. 

You can choose a horizontal or vertical model, and add a small pouch to carry more accessories for $25-27 (depending on trim chosen for it).

In addition, you can add a shoulder strap if you like – these add $5-19 to the base price depending on your specific choice of strap. Initially I thought I’d like a shoulder strap, but I find carrying it without one very comfortable.

A Quick Video Look

I think with some of these iPad cases, it’s useful to see them ‘in action’.  So here’s a short video – filmed by my lovely 7 year old daughter once again – that hopefully gives you a little more feel for the case and how well it works with the iPad.



The iPad Ultimate SleeveCase is priced starting at $55, and you can see more details and pictures, and place an order, at Waterfield’s page for it here:

***  Waterfield Designs provided this case to Just Another iPad Blog for review.  For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page.  

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  1. lol, it took me a bit to figure out why fingers were in the way and the camera person was more interested in the doggy

  2. My wife and I each bought one of these cases, one "portrait" and the other "landscape" orientation, complete with pouch and shoulder strap. They are not cheap, but the quality is outstanding.

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