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Just Mobile UpStand for iPad

So … first an admission. I am finding that I’m a big fan of iPad stands. Although they might well be considered unnecessary by many iPad owners, they’re become one of my favorite iPad accessories – and I’ve already tried out a fair few of them.

The Just Mobile UpStand is the one I’ve been using most recently, and it’s a very good, as well as stylish, one.


One of the reasons I’m so fond of iPad stands is that they make the iPad more easily accessible when I’m working at my desk. I often turn it on quickly in its stand to check weather via the gorgeous Weather HD app shown in the screencap at the top of this post, check on site stats, use the Calcbot app, use it as a photoframe, try out a feature quickly on an app being reviewed, or for any number of other reasons.

As much as I like them, I will also admit that there is not a huge amount you can say about iPad stands. They serve a fairly simple (but lovely) purpose and the majority of them are not known for their versatility. So with that in mind here’s a quick rundown on the Just Mobile UpStand …

The Good

— The UpStand feels solid and looks great on my desk. It’s ‘engineered from aluminum’ and goes very well with my MacBook Pro and of course with the iPad itself. It’s not too bulky either, so it’s easy to find good spots for it on the desk or elsewhere.

— It holds the iPad well in horizontal or vertical positions, with no need for any adjustment or fiddling with the stand when swapping between orientations.

— It also happily holds the iPad while it’s in a good number of cases that are back-only or have a detachable front cover.

— While in the UpStand, the iPad is at an ideal viewing height. Excellent for use as a side / additional display alongside a PC, and excellent for using with a Bluetooth keyboard.

The Not-so-Good


There’s very little to say here. My one small issue with the UpStand is that its grip on the naked iPad is not tight within the holder area. The iPad does not feel at all insecure mind you, but it could easily be made unstable or even fall over if bumped from behind the stand.

For many users this may not be a concern at all. For me it is a little bit just because we have a kitten in the house, who of course likes to get himself up on any and all surfaces around the place. My rather easy fix for this is just to make sure I don’t leave the iPad in its stand when I’m away from my desk. I also have it in the stand with a case on it more often than not, which makes it sit a little tighter in the stand.


I like the Just Mobile UpStand a lot. I am still very fond of the BookArc iPad stand as well (which provides a more snug and secure perch for my iPad) – but this one has become my favorite and most used.

If you’re after a stylish and useful iPad stand – with an ideal height for viewing and typing on the iPad – you should certainly give the UpStand a look.

The UpStand is priced at $49.95. You can get more details, see more photos, or place an order for the UpStand at the Just Mobile page for it:

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