Review – HoverCoat Carbon Fiber iPad Case

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monCarbone HoverCoat carbon fiber iPad case

I’ve had an iPad since launch day way back on April 3rd. I love the device even more than I expected I would. In fact we’ve got two iPads in the house now – my original WiFi only is used by my wife and daughter, and I’ve got a shiny new (ish) 3G model.

As our iPads have become more and more essential and heavily-used, so it becomes increasingly important to have good cases to protect them from bumps and bruises. I’ve ended up trying a pretty good range of cases over the last few months – some I’ve liked, some I really haven’t (cough, Apple case, cough). I’m way overdue on reviewing a handful of these, so today I’ll start with my thoughts on the monCarbone HoverCoat carbon fiber case for the iPad.

Here are some of the case’s features, straight from its description on its packaging:

  • hand crafted, tailor made
  • aerospace material that provides sports car styling and luxury comforts
  • Precision engineering providing high tensile strength and durability more than the property of steel
  • Reinforced scratch resistant finish
  • Super thin
  • Feather-light carbon fiber casing
  • Complete access to all of the iPad controls
  • New UV resistant feature prevents discoloration of the case under sunlight

The HoverCoat for iPad comes in two styles: Midnight Black is a glossy mirror finish; and Mystery Black, with a matte finish. I got review units for both styles and much prefer the matte finish. They also do iPhone versions of this case.

monCarbone HoverCoat case for iPad

I’ve never used any other carbon fiber cases for any of my iDevices – so I was surprised at just how super-thin the material is. The HoverCoat case is listed as weighing in at 0.6 mm – and it’s incredibly light (42 grams), as well as supposedly also being quite durable.

Here’s a quick ‘stacked’ shot with my daughter’s naked iPad on the bottom and my iPad with the HoverCoat on top of it:


And here are my quick thoughts on the HoverCoat …

The Good

— Incredibly thin and light, but still pretty durable. Really adds almost nothing to the iPad’s profile.

— Feels good and looks slick on the iPad.

— Easy to get on and easy access to hardware buttons.

The Not So Good

— No protection for the iPad screen as it’s only a back cover case.

— It’s stupidly difficult to get off. There may well be some clever trick to extracting the iPad from the case, but I haven’t found it in various attempts at using it and it’s extremely annoying – especially if you’re in a hurry when trying to get it out.


The HoverCoat is a very slick and stylish looking case for the iPad. If you’re not fussed about protecting the front/screen of the iPad and you want something as close to naked as you can get, this is quite a good case option for you.

The HoverCoat iPad case (in either Midnight Black or Mystery Black style) goes for $89.99. You can get more info or place an order at monCarbone’s page for it here:

You also may want to stay tuned here, as I’ll be giving away one of the review units very soon.

*** monCarbone provided a review unit to Just Another iPad Blog for the review. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page.  

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  1. i bought a lovely felt case which fitted the ipad tp a T in the pound shop

    thats right it costs a pound english money ,i could afford two at that price,,,,,, get one,,,,,,,, john

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