Review: The Traveler – iPad Felt Folio Leather Case(with Video)

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case-mate The Traveler iPad case

I’ve been trying out several iPad cases over these last couple of weeks.  The Traveler Felt Folio Leather Case, by case-mate, is the one I set out to review first, so I’ve been using it every day for over a week now. For the rest of this review I’m just going to refer to it as The Traveler.

Case-mate describes The Traveler as a ‘premium, side-opening felt folio’. Read on for a quick review here plus a little video run-through of the case in action …


The Traveler Felt Folio Leather Case for iPad

The exterior of the case is made mostly of felt, with leather accents front and back.  On the inside left cover, there is a leather pocket where you can carry papers and some cut-outs for carrying business cards or similar as well.  There’s also a loop on the outside of the case for a stylus or pen, which is a great little touch I think.

The iPad itself sits in a sort of leather pocket inside the right-hand side of the folio.  There’s a magnetic side closure that folds over on the right-hand side of the case once the iPad is in it.

While it’s in the case, you can still easily press the Home, Power, and Volume buttons on the iPad, right through the thin leather.  You cannot place the iPad in a dock while in the case, or access the sync port, headphone jack, or Orientation Lock button.  Or, as case-mate states it:

For secure transport and dust protection this case does not allow access to ports.

My Take

case-mate The Traveler case for iPad

The Traveler looks good – like a very smart moleskin notebook or similar.  I’ve never thought to myself I’d love to get my hands on a felt + leather case, but I quite like the look of it.

Getting the iPad in and out of the case is fairly easy once you’ve done it a few times.  It fits in quite snugly and is made even more secure with the side magnetic closure.

The feel when carrying the iPad in The Traveler is very comfortable. It adds minimal weight and offers a less slippy sort of grip. 

Although case-mate say that the case was designed more for transport and storage (get it from A to B), I’ve found that I also like just doubling its front flaps behind it and using the iPad while still inside it when I’m out and about.

I’ve used four iPad cases so far, including Apple’s, and The Traveler is easily my favorite. I like its looks, and find it easy and pleasant to work with.

Here’s a little video demo of the case in action, directed and filmed by my 7 year old daughter, and starring Emily the Webkinz Kangaroo, as well as my iPad and the case. :)


The Traveler goes for $49.99, and is available to order now.  For more details, including a good FAQ, or to place an order, visit case-mate’s page for The Traveler here:

*** This case was provided by Case-mate for review on Just Another iPad Blog. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page.  

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