Review: UAG Metropolis for the 2019 iPad Air

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I reviewed UAG’s Metropolis cases for the 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pros earlier this year and came away very impressed with both. I can give the 12.9″ version even higher praise in that I am still using it as my primary case over four months later. It is good at home, but even better at work where I need more drop protection. In my opinion, both models check all the boxes that a good iPad Pro case should.

When I heard that UAG was extending its lineup to include the new iPad Air, I was instantly interested in taking it for a spin. I really liked the Metropolis for the 11″ Pro because its thin and light design really suited the smaller tablet. With the Air being  a similar size and weight, I figured the new case would suit it just as well. Spoiler- I was right.

The Metropolis for the new Air shares all of the same major design elements as its Pro cousin and that’s a good thing. It is lightweight but still provides plenty of protection. It fits perfectly in the hand and provides a nice grip. The cover protects the screen and doubles as a nice stand base in landscape. It also has the trademark industrial aesthetic that UAG is known for.

As a stand, the Metropolis is versatile. It can securely hold the iPad Air in place in landscape orientation and thanks to the tablet’s smaller size, it also works very well in the lap.

And if you don’t need the stand and don’t care to have the screen covered, you can just pop the base off and leave it behind.

The connection is very secure when attached, but still easy enough to remove when needed.

One design element that sets this new Metropolis apart from the iPad Air is the holder for the Apple Pencil.

Since the Air uses the first gen Apple Pencil, you don’t have the magnetic attachment of the new iPad Pros. As such, the Metropolis for the Air has a rigid holder that the Pencil clips into. The hold is solid and the magnetic closure flap also wraps over the Pencil, adding extra protection.

Like the 11″ iPad Pro, the 10.5″ iPad Air is pleasingly thin and light and the UAG Metropolis is the perfect compliment to that. That was my favorite aspect of the 11″ Pro case in my earlier review and the same applies here. While I love my 12.9″ iPad Pro and that version of the Metropolis works very well with it, it’s still a big tablet that is noticeably heavier than its counterparts. The 10.5″ Air and the Metropolis are a perfect fit because their best attributes compliment each other. The Air is the perfect mid-size iPad and the Metropolis is a great protective case that doesn’t get in the way.

If you have an iPad Air and are looking for a case that offers more than the basic level of protection without sacrificing this tablet’s thin and light design, you can’t go wrong here. UAG’s Metropolis for the iPad Air is a perfect compliment to Apple’s new mid-level tablet that, like most of UAG’s cases, also comes in at a very reasonable price.

The Metropolis case is available from UAG in black, blue and red for $59.95.

The Metropolis case for the 10.5″ iPad Air was provided for review on iPad Insight by UAG. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the About page.

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