Scosche fitRAIL– Mount for Using the iPad During Workouts

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The Scosche fitRAIL is a nice-looking mount system for the iPad and iPad 2 – for use when you’re working out on a treadmill or similar piece of exercise equipment. If you’re tired of just listening to tunes or bringing a magazine or book along when you workout, the fitRAIL lets you make full use of your iPad – so you can read an eBook or iPad magazine, watch a movie, or try out whatever else you’re coordinated enough to do on the iPad while exercising.

The fitRAIL is said to be attachable to ‘almost any type of workout equipment’ – and of course it is made to hold the iPad securely while using it. It also folds up to fit into a travel pouch that comes with it. Here’s a little more detail on it:

An iPad or iPad 2 simply rests in the mounting tray of the fitRAIL and is secured against the frame with the patented stickGRIP material. Soft rubber feet sit on the back of the fitRAIL to ensure that the exercise equipment will not be scratched or harmed. The clip-on strap attaches to the top of an iPad to safely lock it into place. Adjustable steel bars can then be hooked onto the top of exercise equipment.
The fitRAIL can also be placed on a table or countertop to be used as a low angle typing stand, for watching movies, TV shows and more.
Durable Design
The durable aluminum and steel constructed frame includes a polished finish for a lightweight and stable design. Patented stickGRIP material has been included onto the surface of the fitRAIL to secure an iPad to the mount. A black neoprene clip-on strap additionally secures an iPad into the mount – resulting in an extremely safe mounting option.

You can check out more details or place an order at the fitRAIL product page. You can also find it in the Apple online store and at Apple retail stores – which is always a good endorsement for a product.

I’m a little torn on this one – on the one hand I like the idea of grabbing one because I spend a good amount of time each week in a workout room, on the other I think the workout room is a good break from iOS and computer screens for me.

What do you all think of the fitRAIL?

Spotted Via: RunAroundTech

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