Shipping Delays on iPad Accessories

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iPad Keyboard Dock


If you’ve ordered iPad accessories from Apple, you may well be finding some of them are not going to be getting to you as soon as you hoped.  There are delays showing up for several of the Apple iPad accessories, including the iPad Keyboard Dock shown above – which is now not due to ship until May.

The iPad Case has slipped from a ship date of April 3rd to mid-April, and the iPad Camera Connection Kit isn’t even available for pre-order yet.

I ordered both the iPad Keyboard Dock and the iPad Case – so I’ll be missing those when I get the iPad itself. I did also order a BT keyboard for it though, and that has already shipped.

Have you ordered any of the delayed accessory items?  Which iPad accessories are you looking forward to using?

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2 thoughts on “Shipping Delays on iPad Accessories”

  1. I rather go to the store on April 3rd and buy the accessories right there when I pick up my iPad

    1. Well … I've spoken to two different Apple stores in my area (Austin, Tx) – and they don't know whether they will have any of the accessories available on April 3rd. They haven't been told yet. Have you spoken to a local store and heard that they will have them?

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