Still Sorely Tempted To Purchase A Pencil Stylus For My iPad

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Pencil Walnut Stylus

I’ve written about the Pencil stylus before, and it still seems really, really cool. Not only is it custom-built for one of my favourite drawing apps, Paper, but it recently expanded its support with a FiftyThree SDK. That means you can now use the Pencil with other awesome apps, like Noteshelf (for notes and diagrams) and Procreate (for sketches and paintings, with layer support),

The only thing keeping me from buying a Walnut Pencil (which will stick to my Smart Cover) are tales of the rubber tips breaking within the first weeks of use. There are enough negative Amazon reviews centered around the rubber tips that it does seem like a real product flaw, as opposed to a few outliers who happened to get bad Pencils. I realize that you can purchase more rubber tips for the stylus, but I’d prefer not to have to do that. I’ve tried to reach FiftyThree to get some answers, but I haven’t heard anything back from them thus far.

If any iPad Insight readers have any feedback to share, please do hit us up in the comments. I’m really eager to see if this is an actual issue, or whether I should take my chances and hope FiftyThree honour their 30-day guarantee.

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5 thoughts on “Still Sorely Tempted To Purchase A Pencil Stylus For My iPad”

  1. Product works pretty well, I didn’t have any issues with the tip hover the eraser side I did, Ended up sending it back and getting a replacement.

    The product does seem like a version one product.

    I have never been a big fan of paper its pretty any everything but lacks layers, I mostly use sketch pro with that said their was no support until now. With the open SDK now available it may be more worth looking into it. Also its said that iOS8 will be able to sense home much of the tip is pressed against the screen, I have not seen this available yet in the beta’s but this may be a nice feature when it’s released..

    All that said I still go back to my adonis stylus’s

    I’ve doen a review and some photos/video over at

  2. Hi,
    I am the happy owner of the walnut pencil by 53. I have been using mine daily since January, and have had NO problems with the tip. I have been playing with Noteshelf, like it, but not as good as Paper.
    Don’t worry, get yourself one, I am sure you will love it as much as I do. I have got an Adonit Touch aswell, it is good, but not great, find myself returning to the Pencil.

    1. Hmm interesting, didn’t realize the Bamboo Stylus Feel was so cheap at $40…although it’s got a completely ridiculous name.

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