Stupid Looking iPad Accessories: Versetta iPad Handbags

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OK, last time I checked I’m not a lady – and I would never claim to have any great fashion sense or understanding of ladies’ fashion sense. But this … really?

A sort of giant-looking handbag surrounding an embarrassed iPad? It’s a Versetta iPad Handbag (which just sounds all kinds of wrong on its own) and here’s a little piece of the description of it at Born Rich:

This time Versetta has given a new meaning to the iPad cases with its iPad handbag. Versetta handbags by Scott Creations are specifically crafted for the geeky girls to safely carry their iPad in style, without having to carry a separate case.

Here’s my favorite line about it:

One can use the gadget once the flap is opened without removing it from the handbag.

Right. Just lower that flap and fire away using the iPad while it’s encased in a huge handbag. I’m amazed that sort of use case isn’t highlighted in an iPad TV ad yet.

Help me out here lady iPad Insight readers – is this thing less ridiculous than I think it is?

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