Styló Magnetic Stylus for iPad 2 – Quick First Impressions

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Silver Stylo for iPad 2

The Styló Stylus started life as a Kickstarter project a few months ago. Its big unique selling point is that it attaches to the screen of the iPad 2 (or the iPad 2 Smart Cover) via rare earth magnets. I loved the concept of not needing to figure out where to carry a stylus when you want to use one with the iPad 2 and thought the Styló looked great too, so I happily backed the project.

The project got funded, these styluses are now available to buy, and the manufacturers (Just Think Design) sent me a few samples recently.

I’ve been trying the Styló out over the last day or so and I’ve got some quick first impressions to share …

Stylo iPad Stylus

The samples I’ve got are in a range of colors – silver, black, and the blue one I’ve been trying it out with. All of them are very polished and handsome looking, as you can hopefully see in the images I’ll share here.

When I first put the Styló on my iPad 2 I was impressed with how quickly and well it stuck to the screen. Sadly, the more I’ve used it, the less well it’s sticking to the iPad 2 screen. First time on yesterday was effortless and the Styló stayed very straight on the left edge of the iPad. Today though, I’m finding it near impossible to have it stay straight or in place. It seems to want to go on in a jaunty angle and then slide around a little. I’ve tried with and without a screen protector on (mostly without one on) and even tried two of the styluses sent to me – and got similar results. The stylus even slides enough to fall right off the iPad 2 – and it has done a couple times today in testing it out.

Stylo iPad Stylus Closeup

It stays much better – nearly flawlessly in fact – on the iPad 2 Smart Cover. On the smart cover it goes on straight and does not slide around at all.

When using it the Styló feels good and solid in the hand. As for actually writing with the Styló, it’s very early days obviously – but so far I’m far from wowed by it. Its double tips (tips at either end) seem a little less easy to work with than those of the Pogo Sketch that I’ve had around for ages. Your mileage may well vary, and mine could easily too when I spend more time with it, but for now the Styló has me missing more strokes and feels less precise to use than the Pogo Sketch.

I’ll keep using it a little further and write a more complete review if my thoughts end up being substantially different to what I’ve said here.

The Styló goes for $19.99 and is available in black or silver (I think the blue is just for project backers). You can see more detail on it or place an order at the Just Think Design site:

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7 thoughts on “Styló Magnetic Stylus for iPad 2 – Quick First Impressions”

  1. I’m disappointed. I had my eye on that stylus ever since I first read about it, and I’ve really been wanting a magnetic stylus to use with the Smart Cover(tm).

    Have you found any other magnetic models that work better?

        1. The Jot Pro looks nice, but at $30 not only should it be magnetic but it should also do your taxes for you.

          I guess I’ll stick with my $10 stylus with pocket clip. Sigh.

  2. It seems to me that while the angled tip is nice from a design standpoint (i.e. it sure is purdy) it would be awkward to write with because the contact would be different depending on how you’re holding it each time.

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