The Clasp = a Clasp Thingie To Keep Your Apple iPad Case Closed

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The Clasp for the Apple iPad case

The post title pretty much sums this one up.  The Clasp is ‘a simple solution for holding your Apple iPad case closed’. Here’s a little more on it:

The Clasp blends in seamlessly with the Apple case and provides a latch to keep the case secure. The Clasp is constructed from a similar black rubber material as the Apple iPad Case and attaches with double-sided adhesive to the front.

The Clasp can be easily removed if necessary. Once attached, the Clasp adheres to the back of the Apple case with a Velcro tab and holds both sides closed. The Clasp is easy to open and close and provides the security that consumers have been requesting.

I’ve never used my Apple case much, so I’m no judge of how needed or wanted this little add-on accessory may be. The $9.95 price tag does strike me as quite high for such a simple item though.  If this is just what you’re missing for your Apple iPad case, you can get more info and order one here:

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