Tod’s iPad Case – Nearly TEN Times the Price of an iPad

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That’s the Tod’s iPad Case shown above – handmade in Italy and finished in genuine alligator skin. The most notable thing about this case is its price though: $4,900. Very nearly 10 times as much as the base level 16GB iPad WiFi model. Unbelievable. Here’s the site for it: I was going to try to give a landing page for the case itself, but it’s one of those putrid sites where it takes an age to load, forces some crappy Flash video to load (links to cancel it don’t work) and then offers near zero in terms of responsiveness or navigation once it finally finishes the ‘show’.

This case is the top-priced one in a list of 11 hideously expensive ones for iPad at the Born Rich site, titled ‘The Best iPad Cases Money Can Buy’. I guess you know you’re in trouble when the Gucci case is the least expensive on the list, at a mere $250. Five of the cases on the list are priced at $1,500 or above.

The list of ridiculously priced cases gives me further proof that I would never make it as a super-rich, fashion-conscious bloke – because I don’t just find the price tags absurd, I honestly think several of these cases look mediocre at best and some look flat-out ugly to me – like this one from Ralph Lauren:


That thing goes for $495 and it looks horrible to me. I didn’t see a single case on the list that I would find appealing, even if I just won the lottery.

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4 thoughts on “Tod’s iPad Case – Nearly TEN Times the Price of an iPad”

  1. These are some of the ugliest iPad cases I have ever seen. Like you said even if I had won the lottery or I was rich.. I'd just stick to the plain iPad with no case, that way If I broke it or whatever.. I still have money from my lottery winnings for another!

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