Two New Favorite iPad Accessories

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I am way, way behind on a number of iPad case and accessory reviews. Some are for items I’ve bought, others are for review units I’ve received. I’m going to do my best to knuckle down and get some of these out over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I wanted to just give a quick mention to two new (for me) iPad accessories that have become favorites: the Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for iPad case, and the Hard Candy iPad Stylus.

The Hard Candy iPad Stylus did not initially appeal to me when I first saw PR releases about it. I thought it looked too bulky. The more I thought about it though, the more I liked its versatility. It doubles as a ballpoint pen – and it’s actually pretty good looking too. I’m finding it quite good to use with apps like WritePad, for handwriting recognition in notes, and Penultimate for ink notes. It also works well as a pen.

The Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for iPad is my new favorite iPad case – moving just ahead of another Marware case (the Eco Flip for iPad) and a beautiful Vaja case. I like just about everything about the C.E.O. Hybrid so far. It is very handsome looking, with its leather that is made to look a bit like carbon-fiber, and it is great for working the iPad while in the case. It also protects just about all of the iPad quite well and converts to a few different, comfortable stand positions.

You can get more details on these two new favorites of mine here:

Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for iPad – $49.99

Hard Candy Cases iPad Stylus’>Hard Candy Stylus for iPad – $34.95

*** Please note: the above link for the Hard Candy Stylus is an Amazon affiliate link for this site. If you don’t object to the site earning a small commission if you choose to buy the stylus via that link then fire away with it. If you prefer, you can buy it direct from Hard Candy for the same price here:

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8 thoughts on “Two New Favorite iPad Accessories”

  1. Why exactly are poeple so obsessed with iPad? Everything that can be done with it can be done with a phone, or, if you are so crazy about Apple, an iPhone. Why bother to carry such a heavy and ginormous thing around?

    1. if you're not a fan of the iPad then why bother reading this blog and commenting? what a waste of time!

      oh, and fwiw, I could give you hundreds of ways the iPad has changed the way I work as a professor, researcher, and teacher.

  2. I have to say I got the Marware CEO Hybrid case and I love it too. It's super sleek and feels good in hands. The 4 positions work just great. Good job Marware on this one.

  3. The Marware CEO Hybrid looks fantastic. I'm currently using the Macally bookstand case, and I love how light weight and unobtrusive it is. My only gripes is that the material picks up all the cat hair and lint in the world, and that only has one viewing angle.

    Aside from wishing the CEO Hybrid came in better color choices (at least a nice brown), how heavy is the case? How much thicker does it make the iPad?

    1. The case adds a little weight, but not a major amount by any means. It does also increase the thickness of course, but again not by a lot. With the case on it's about the same thickness as the base of my Macbook Pro, which is still quite slim. And it feels excellent when you're carrying it in the CEO Hybrid.

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