Vaja iPad Cases: Stunning (and pricy)

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Vaja iPad cases

Vaja Cases have just recently announced their stunning new range of iPad cases.

The Argentina-based Vaja Cases has been making beautiful cases for PDAs, smartphones, and all sorts of mobile devices for as long as I’ve been following mobile tech.  All their cases are made with ultra high quality leather, and they’re always among the most striking available.

Their new line of iPad cases looks amazing, as good or even a couple notches better than I was expecting.

Here are the two cases that I think are the most striking:

The ivolution Top SP …

Vaja ivolution Top SP for iPad

And the ivolution Black …

Vaja ivolution Black for iPad

I have an ivolution Top on my first generation iPhone that is still going strong and looking superb.  For me, this style of case is an ideal combination of quite good protection with amazing sharp looks and still a great degree of usability of the device while in the case.

These new iPad cases are quite pricy though – ranging from $100 up to several hundred dollars depending on the model chosen and the level of customizing (if any) that you choose.  Availability also varies at the moment.  At least one of their iPad range is already temporarily out of stock, while some are available to ship immediately and others require 30 days + manufacture.

For lots more detail, lovely photos, or to place an order, go to Vaja’s iPad area here: 

I spotted these via a post from my pal Judie over at Gear Diary.

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9 thoughts on “Vaja iPad Cases: Stunning (and pricy)”

  1. Yup these things are definitely beautiful. Wife has 2 iPhone cases from them (original and 3GS), both phenomenal – materials and build quality.

    Unfortunately the iPad cases don't fit my usage needs – like most cases they're not dockable :( Otherwise I'd have one for sure.

    If I switch away from the Apple dock to a regular stand, I'll likely pick one up…

      1. I don't know that you're protecting them from anything – it's more just the convenience factor of not having to take the device in and out when docking.

  2. I have two iVolution cases on order for my wife and I. We have cases for iPod classic from Vaja and they have been great! They are pricey but well worth the money and we are very excited to get ours.

    1. I do, absolutely. I've had several of their cases over the years and they have all been of superb quality. They also last beautifully – several have served me or family members for years. They are likely not in everyone's price range, but I'd say they're always top quality.

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