WhiskiPad Stand: An iPad Stand, Made from Whisky Barrels

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WhiskiPad Stand

Well, need I say more than the post title? It’s an iPad stand. And it’s made from recycled whisky barrels. It’s the WhiskiPad Stand, made by Heid in the UK.

I get lots of approaches for new iPad accessories of all kinds, but I have to admit this one had no problem standing out from the rest. Here’s a little of its elevator pitch:

The WhiskiPad stand has been designed and built from reclaimed materials, specifically, 100% recycled Scotch whisky barrels that you can still smell the natural whisky aroma from. The stand is an innovative product which is perfect for your iPad, iPhone and many other tablet and smartphone devices on the market today.

I don’t know that this will ever qualify as a versatile or ‘all-rounder’ sort of iPad stand, but I do know that I just found The Perfect Gift for my brother, who really knows his whisky and who is getting to know his iPad.

There are a few WhisiPad Stand packages to choose from, ranging in price from around $39.50 to $63. These packages come with a polish that keeps the stand smelling like whisky, certificates of authenticity, and miniature bottles of whisky – including one with a 12 year Glenlivet malt.

Seriously, for any of the whisky lovers in your life, how cool is this?

For more details or to place an order, check out the product pages at the Heid site

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