Yoobao Executive Leather iPad 2 Case, Second Look

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A little over a week ago I did a review of the Yoobao Executive Leather iPad 2 Case. It was a pretty scathing review as the case was a major disappointment in three main areas:

— It smelled terrible, even my hands reeked of a strong chemical smell after handling it for just a short time.

— The cutouts for the iPad 2’s ports and buttons were all done extremely badly – making it difficult to use the iPad 2 while in the case.

— This case is listed as having support for the iPad 2 smart cover tech, so it can automatically sleep/wake the device. This feature did not work properly at all: The iPad 2 was almost constantly sleeping and waking when in this case. The merest touch on the case – even on the back of the case! – has the iPad 2 waking up or going to sleep.

Shortly after posting my review I was contacted by someone from Xeniti, the resellers of the case. He said that the case I received was one of one only a dozen or so cases out of thousands shipped that had issues like I had seen, and he wanted to send me a replacement case to show me that these are generally better quality cases than the one I received.

Of course I agreed to get a replacement and give it a look. I received the replacement case this morning and I’ve had a chance to give it a look and a tryout with my iPad 2. Sadly, the results are not that much better than with the first unit.

Here’s why this is still a case that will spend no time with my iPad 2:

— This second case did not smell as bad or as strong as the first one; but it does still smell a little odd. Also, it feels very greasy, as if polish or cleaning fluid has been applied to it quite recently. Not a pleasant feeling.

— The cutouts on the case are better than on the first one, but still not nearly as sharp and precise as on several high-quality iPad 2 cases I’ve used. See the image at the top of the post for an example of this, the headphone jack cutout.

— The smart cover sleep/wake function does not work AT ALL. Close the lid – nothing. Open the front cover – nothing.  My iPad 2 works perfectly on the automatic sleep/wake function with my Apple smart cover and three other cases I have for it; but not all with the Yoobao case.

So I have to say I’ll stick with my initial review of this case. It’s not well executed and is not one I would recommend at all for the iPad 2. Getting one case that had three major problems was bad enough, but getting a second one, sent by the reseller knowing I was a reviewer and still having big issues, seems an even clearer sign that this is just not a quality case.

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3 thoughts on “Yoobao Executive Leather iPad 2 Case, Second Look”

  1. Yoobao has a habbit releasing subpar products at the beginning then releasing a lineage of revisions. Usually by the end you’ve gotma great product.

    I want to comment that I am using revision 2 of this case. The smell is gone, no greasiness and the magnets work perfect every time as well as keeps the flap shut. The cut outs have been enlarged for the headphone jack and the others are fine.

    In sum, the product is all you could ask for. Slimline case that adds the functionality of the smart cover. I’d urge you to have a third look. Get hold of a rev 2. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Though in saying all these good things instill use the smart cover. I just like the feel of a naked iPad. The cold metal. Yum. But yes, this is the best full body case IMO.

  2. Hi Patrick: I just today received my new Yoobao iPad2 black leather case and it really does have a very strong chemical smell. Concerned it may be somewhat toxic? Remember the toxic drywall issue a few years back. Also from China.
    I do, however, really like the fit and function. The sleep function works great with the case I received. I continue to read about an improved version that addresses the bad odor. Have you learned anything new in this? Best Regards, Robert

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