ZAGGkeys SOLO: BT Keyboard + Stand Combo for iPad and Tablets

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ZAGG are on a roll with bringing out some hot new iPad accessories just lately. The ZAGGfolio iPad 2 case and BT keyboard combo was released just a few weeks back – and now they’ve got the brand new ZAGGkeys SOLO iPad keyboard + stand due to start shipping next week.

The ZAGGkeys SOLO is a useful looking wireless keyboard / stand combo for the iPad, iPad 2, and other tablets. It’s even compatible with a few iPhone and iPod Touch models.

The specs for this look pretty good. The keyboard has ‘island-style’ keys said to offer maximum typing room and a number of special function keys to help make common tasks faster when using it.

It looks a fair bit bulkier than the Apple wireless keyboard, but that seems a fair trade-off for the usefulness of the built-in stand – always assuming both work as well as advertised.

They come in silver, black, and white models.

This is one I may well look to review, along with the ZAGGfolio.

If you want to see more details or place a pre-order, check out the ZAGGkeys SOLO page here:

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One thought on “ZAGGkeys SOLO: BT Keyboard + Stand Combo for iPad and Tablets”

  1. This is the same keyboard that comes with the ZAGGfolio, just with a white and black color options also available. Have you taken your out of the folio and given it a go? I’ve been using mine a lot lately, and I love it. I think it has permanently shelved my Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard Case and my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard.

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