A Few Favorite iPad Accessories That Still Work with the iPad 2

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I’ve had my iPad 2 for a few days now, and I’m more than happy with it. The more I use it, the more I’m appreciating its new slim-line build and its blistering speed. One of the few downsides of having this shiny new companion is that many of my original iPad accessories will not work with the new iPad. I’ve already got two new cases on order for the iPad 2, just as one quick example of the need for replacing some iPad kit.

Happily, I have found a few old faithful original iPad accessories that work just as well (or close to) with the iPad 2 – and several were among my favorite iPad accessories of 2010.

Here’s four of them that have already proven to play nicely with the iPad 2:


Compass Mobile Stand for iPad / iPad 2: This is the most versatile and portable of iPad stands. It folds up to around the size of a solid pen and folds out easily to place the iPad at ideal positions for viewing or working. It’s in its typing mode in the image above and the one at the top of this post. This Compass stand works just as nicely with the iPad 2. I’ve used with and without the Apple Smart Cover on and it’s still a pleasure to use and superb for typing on.

This stand goes for $39.99 and you can get one here: http://twelvesouth.com/products/compass/


JustMobile UpStand: OK, so I should probably admit that I’m quite a fan of iPad stands. I use my iPad a lot during my work day, sometimes in my hands when testing / reviewing apps, and often in a desktop stand for other purposes. One of my two favorite desk stands for the iPad is the JustMobile UpStand for iPad. It sets the iPad at a perfect height for viewing movies, videos, FaceTime or Skype video chats, and for viewing apps like Weather HD and the superb Aweditorium for discovering new music, and lots of others. The iPad 2 sits happily in this stand with the smart cover on or off.

The UpStand goes for $49.95 and you can order one here: http://www.xtand.net/upstand.html


Mobile Cloth: Yes, a microfiber cleaning cloth is one of my favorite iPad accessories. In fact, when I first got a chance to use Mobile Cloth I asked about how excited you are allowed to be about microfiber cloths – because I was very excited to discover these. The iPad, and the iPad 2, are smudge and fingerprint magnets – and Mobile Cloth is the best cleaner I’ve seen for them. They make it easy and fast to get your screen looking and feeling pristine again. I’ve almost always got one close to my iPad.

Two-packs are priced at $4.99 and six-packs at $12.99 – see here for more options and ordering: http://www.mobilecloth.com/


ZAGGmate with Keyboard: Zagg have got an updated version of this one for the iPad 2 available for pre-order already – but I’ve found that the iPad 2 works fine with my original one for typing with. It’s probably not a good idea to to use it as a case with the iPad 2, because of the size difference compared to the original iPad – but it certainly pairs up just fine with the iPad 2 (for the embedded Bluetooth keyboard) and the iPad 2 still fits securely into it, with and without the smart cover.

The new iPad 2 version is priced about the same as the original, so you may as well go with that one if you’re looking for a keyboard/case combo for your iPad 2. Details on it and pre-order available here: http://www.zagg.com/accessories/zaggmate-ipad-case

How have you all been doing with finding accessories for your new iPad 2? Are any of your original iPad accessories still serving you well with the iPad 2? Let us know in the comments.

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