Cool Things: Touchtype Pro Keyboard Case

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Considering that there are few keyboard cases out there right now for the new 10.5″ iPad Pro, this new crowdfunded keyboard case that I came across today looks all the more interesting. The Touchtype Pro doesn’t come with its own built-in keyboard, but rather works with Apple’s Bluetooth-enabled Magic Keyboard. However, while there have been other, more simple products that paired an Apple Bluetooth keyboard with a stand and/or case for an iPad, this one has some features that set it apart.

First off, this case holds both the Magic Keyboard and the iPad together, where most similar products either hold one or the other, leaving you to carry one device separately.

Second, the Touchtype Pro has a built-in holder for not only the Apple Pencil, but also a pair of earbuds or a charge cable.

Third, the keyboard can be folded back out of the way, or the keyboard and its holder can be removed entirely.

Next, and most importantly, the Touchtype Pro has magnets throughout its surface, so the iPad and keyboard can be positioned exactly where you want them. Combined with the flat surface underneath, and this setup should be VERY stable for use in a lap.

I also like that you can switch the iPad to portrait orientation and still use the Magic Keyboard, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, rather than the more limiting Smart Connector.

This keyboard case has a unique set of features that no other single product that I’ve seen really offers, making it worth keeping up with as it goes through the crowdfunding process. The maker has already prototyped a 9.7″ version, and is about to do the same for the new 10.5″ iPad Pro. Both should appear on Kickstarter between late July and early August with an early bird price of $49.50 and final retail price of $99. The gentleman I corresponded with also said that a 12.9″ version may be forthcoming as a stretch goal or future project. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

I know crowdfunding projects all come with some amount of risk, but with a prototype already done and manufacturing partners lined up, this one looks like it has a VERY good chance of success. Also, the gentleman behind this project has a successfully backed campaign for an earlier version of the Touchtype under his belt, which can you can check out here. Price-wise, $49.50 looks very reasonable for the features of this case, even if you have to bring your own Magic Keyboard to the party.

You can find more information on the Touchtype Pro here. I’ll post an update when the case hits Kickstarter, and I will also be doing a review of the case at some point over the summer. Are you interested in this keyboard case? Let me know in the Comments section below, on Flipboard, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.

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2 thoughts on “Cool Things: Touchtype Pro Keyboard Case”

  1. “I know crowdfunding projects all come with some amount of risk, but with a prototype already done and manufacturing partners lined up, this one looks like it has a VERY good chance of success.”

    Did you back this one personally? :)

    1. It hasn’t been posted to Kickstarter yet. The only complication for me is whether or not a 12.9″ version happens, because that’s the size iPad Pro I use. Right now, it’s just 9.7 or 10.5, with a 12.9″ version maybe happening. If so, I will back immediately.

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