FACET iPad Stand: Not Safe for iPad Use

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Facet iPad Stand

The FACET iPad Stand started out as yet another iPad focused Kickstarter project. I backed the project and felt quite keen to see how this product turned out. It met its funding target and a couple days ago I received my Facet stand for the iPad.

iPad stands are not difficult or complex items to review, as they’re a very useful but quite basic sort of accessory most of the time. This one is even easier to review, for all the wrong reasons. In fact, for just one (very) wrong reason: it doesn’t work. It not only doesn’t work – it also puts your iPad at risk of getting damaged.

Facet is a pyramid shaped stand for the iPad that offers three slightly different viewing angles via its three sides – at 35°, 55° and 75°. The lowest angle that’s meant to be good for typing is not really low enough to be comfortable – but this is the least of your worries if you try this stand out.

The big, BIG issue is that this stand just does not hold the iPad safely or securely. The iPad often slips out when trying to place it on the stand and worst of all it falls right out of the stand if you happen to nudge it with even the lightest of touches. I made this video to show just how bad this problem is:

The Facet stand is listed as being compatible with iPad generations 2, 3, 4, and mini. I tested it with my iPad 3. I have no desire to even try it with the iPad mini – as I just do not trust this stand at all.

You can see more detail on this stand at its product page – but my advice is to stay away from this one if you want to keep your iPad safe.

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