Quick Look: Apple Pencil Pocket from GearCase

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GearCase reached out after my previous post about my storage option for the Apple Pencil, and I’m really glad that they did. As accessible as my co-opted Pencil clip was for usage at a desk, it did feel a little precarious for storage in a full bag. The Pencil usually stayed in place, but it could easily get caught on other objects in my bag during transit because it was only secured to the iPad at one point.

The Pencil Pocket from GearCase is secure and keeps the Pencil snug against the iPad Pro during transit. I don’t have any concerns about the stylus falling out or getting scratched by other items in my bag.

Nice And Simple Construction

This Pencil Pocket is like an elastic version of the leather holder I was going to make. The Pencil Pocket is composed of a single elastic band that’s perfectly cut for the iPad’s height, so it will fit most any cover that’s sized for the 12.9–inch or 9.7–inch iPad Pros. On top of that base elastic is another layer of elastic, double over at the ends to provide a very solid pouch for the Apple Pencil. I like that the Pencil Pocket is mostly stitched together for increased durability, although the splash of colour (which can be customized at checkout) seems to be glued in place.

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I installed my Pencil Pocket right along the middle panel of my Smart Keyboard, just like I did with the previous pen clip. It really is the best spot for ease-of-use and also ensures that the elastic never touches the screen of the iPad Pro. The fit of the Pocket walks a very fine line with finesse: it’s snug enough that the Pencil will never fall out on its own (even if you have the iPad upside down), but it’s still very easy to remove the stylus with just one hand. There’s also enough room at the top of the pocket to grab the Pencil by the body, and not the cap. Simple though the construction may be, there was definitely some thought put into this design.

Great For Transit

What this Pocket is great for is keeping the Pencil with your iPad Pro during transit. It sounds like a truism, but the Pencil really comes into its own if you can actually keep it attached to the iPad Pro. I use my Pencil a lot more for writing, drawing, and browsing simply because I don’t need to fish around in my bag to find it — it’s just right there on my Smart Keyboard when I need it.

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It still amazes me that Apple, with all of their pride in hardware integration, deemed it unnecessary to store a Pencil on an iPad Pro out of the box. The Pocket really helps with this and has made no noticeable difference on how I store the iPad in my bag. It still feels just I’m putting an iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard into my bag, but I just happen to have a Pencil attached at all times.

An Easy Recommendation

One of the best things about the Pencil Pocket is its price. At just $20 before shipping, it’s a very easy storage solution to recommend to others. This isn’t a full grain leather or canvas cover, but I don’t really need that level of customization for the Pencil. What I wanted was a reliable place to store the Pencil alongside the iPad Pro in my bag, and this Pencil Pocket fulfills that role perfectly and affordably. I’d recommend GearCase’s Pencil Pocket without hesitation for those looking for a simple solution for storing your fancy Apple stylus.

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