Quick Look: Jot Pro Magnetic, Precision Stylus for iPad

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Jot Pro Stylus for iPad

The Adonit Jot Pro Stylus is touted as the most precise touch capacitive stylus on the market. I’m not a heavy user of a stylus on the iPad, but I like the idea of being able to take handwritten notes at certain times.

The Jot Pro has a number of features that sounded attractive to me, so I’ve been giving it a try over the last few days.  I’ve tried out a few styluses for the iPad in the last couple years – none of them are terrible, but none of them have convinced me that I could really take notes with them better or more quickly than by using the iPad’s on-screen keyboard.

It was always a bit of nuisance to consider using a stylus when out and about with the iPad as well – since there was generally no easy way to have the stylus at hand. There are only a very rare few iPad cases that have any kind of storage for a stylus, and I’ve never much liked the idea of carrying one in a pocket.

The Jot Pro seemed like a stylus that is a cut above – read on to see whether it has lived up to expectations …

Jot Pro Stylus for iPad


The Jot Pro doesn’t use the typical nub style point that most iPad styluses do. Instead it uses a precision disk and ball point that are said to provide much greater accuracy. Some of its other notable features include:

— Magnetic Cling – as in, it can be attached to the bezel on the right-hand side of the iPad 2.

— Rubber Grip

— Protective Cap: Protects the precision disc when Jot is taking a break. Sits on the back of the stylus when Jot is in the game.

The Jot Pro is priced at $29.99, and comes in four colors – Gun Metal, Silver, Turquoise, and Red.

Jot Pro Stylus for iPad


— The Jot Pro definitely feels good in the hand. It’s got enough weight to it to feel solid, without being overly heavy, an the rubber grip is helpful too.

— It’s quite a handsome stylus, one that will fit in well if you’re using it at a business meeting or a similar setting.

— In terms of precision, it does strike me as the most precise iPad stylus I’ve tried thus far. I found I could stay within notepaper lines in note taking apps better with the Jot Pro than any other stylus – with others I could never manage it. For quick notes and drawing it works very nicely.

I’ve got appallingly bad handwriting (I blame too many years of using keyboards and mobile devices and not pen and paper) so I won’t show you any samples of my writing with it – because I don’t want you to judge the Jot Pro by my messy scrawls. 

— The screw cap works well for protecting the precision disk.

— There are a small set of ‘Jot Ready’ apps, which are described like so:

An app that is calibrated for a precision stylus rather than a finger. These apps have integrated Adonit’s Jot Ready SDK so when used with Jots, they are the best stylus experience on the market.

These include NoteTaker HD, which I used among other notes app while testing the Jot Pro, and a few others for writing and sketching.

Jot Pro Stylus for iPad


— The Magnetic Cling puts the iPad 2 to sleep each time you put the Jot Pro on it. Others may not mind this, but I would really find this annoying. It’s not a feature I’d want from a magnetic stylus to begin with, and it’s certainly not helpful if you are taking sporadic notes and having to place it back on the iPad 2 multiple times.

It also doesn’t stick to the iPad 2 that reliably. If you don’t place it just right it slides around a fair bit and even when placed correctly it will sometimes slide right off the iPad 2.


The Jot Pro is the best iPad stylus I’ve seen thus far. It’s attractive looking, comfortable to use, and quite precise when writing and sketching. If you’re someone who can put an iPad stylus to use regularly, then it seems well worth a look.

For more details on the Jot Pro or to place an order, check out its product page here: http://adonit.net/product/jot-pro/

Disclosure: The Jot Pro was independently purchased by the post author. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page. 

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12 thoughts on “Quick Look: Jot Pro Magnetic, Precision Stylus for iPad”

  1. I’ve been wanting a magnetic stylus and I use Note Taker HD frequently, but $30 is a lot for a stylus. If the price drops or I can catch a sale I’m in for one, otherwise I’ll stick with my $10 nubby.

  2. I just wanted to give this developer a thumbs up for “bend over backwards” customer service.
    The Jot has a little trouble on the heavy smudge proof ZAGG screen protector. After some discussion and working on it, their customer service told me that someone put a small piece of scotch tape on the tip and that helped tremendously, and it did! I didn’t have to sacrifice my Jot or my heavier screen saver.
    Thank you Adonit.

  3. Patrick – do you have a screen protector on your iPad? I’ve heard the Jot Pro works fine and glides across the glass screen, but if you have a screen protector it ‘sticks’ and drags to the point where it becomes almost unusable.

  4. ***ATTENTION***
    The Jot Pro™ only turns the iPad off if you have the iPad set to turn off when a magnet touches the magnet sensor (right-hand side of screen; how the Smart Cover™ turns the iPad off when closed), and can easily be stopped by going to Settings > General > Ipad Cover Lock/Unlock (switch to “Off”). And, the issue of it falling off the screen has everything to do with the magnet placement on the iPad, not the actual stylus. Thanks! Otherwise, nicely done review. I’m a huge fan of the Jot Pro™.

  5. Andy I have this stylus and use it for patient notes in my practice. With certain screen films it does in fact stick but I’ve found that the better quality films tend to have a much smoother surface which remedies the issue.

    1. Thanks Jay (and Taik2nu) for the heads up on this. I have the ‘regular’ zagg screen protector so I may give the Jot Pro a try, it looks like it will be lot easier for note taking than a standard stylus.

  6. I bought a stylus on Amazon for very little money just to try and it stuck allot with a screen protector… but who would want to take the protector off just to use the stylus? It’s a pain to get it on in the first place. Once you have it on you can’t take it off. Just an observation…

  7. The Jot us, indeed, a good stylus—but beware! The nib disc requires electrical continuity between the ball and the disc, so the stylus begins to skip after a while. This can be remedied with a squirt of conductive grease, but if you fail to do this, the stylus will become unusable.

  8. Just and FYI, the new iPad does not sleep when Adonit is attached so the lowlight only applies to iPad2

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