Quick Look: Moku Desktop Chair iPad Stand

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Moku Desktop Chair iPad Stand

The Moku Desktop Chair is a wooden stand for the iPad and also for Mac laptops. The folks at BiteMyApple.co, who are the distributor for the stand here in the US, recently sent me a review unit to take a look at. I’m a big fan of iPad stands and have reviewed a number of good ones, but I’ll happily admit that they are among the more basic of iPad accessories – so it doesn’t take long to assess and review them.

I’ve only just received the Moku stand about a day ago, but I’ve spent enough time with it to know that I’m thoroughly unimpressed with it and it won’t be getting any further use with my iPad.

Here’s a little more detail on the stand via Moku Woodware, the stand manufacturer:

Handmade with fine natural basswood, Desktop Chair simply holds your Apple laptop when used in desktop substitute mode with an external display, keyboard and a mouse (or trackpad), and comes with a cushion pad and anti-slip buttons.

One size Desktop Chair fits all, able to accommodate virtually all Apple laptops and tablets regardless of shape, with or without a cover, now and the future, including all iPads, MacBooks, MacBookPros, MacBook Airs plus the PowerBook G4s and indeed any laptop that isn’t thicker than 1.2″ (30mm).

Moku iPad Stand Back

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say the stand is ugly, I don’t find it especially attractive either. More importantly though, the stand just doesn’t seem at all well suited to use with an iPad. Here are the main reasons why:

— It renders the iPad near useless if placed in portrait mode in the stand – as it completely covers the home button and makes it inaccessible.

— Even in landscape mode it covers up the entire bottom section of the iPad bezel, making some of the iPad’s multitasking gestures just about impossible. It also just looks not quite right with that much of the iPad covered by the stand.

Moku Desktop Chair Stand for iPad

— The edge of the stand that holds the iPad in place does not seem quite as smooth and safe as it should be. It feels to me as if there is a risk of ending up with scratches on the iPad screen if it’s not handled with extreme care when putting it in and taking it out of this stand. This in itself is pretty much a dealbreaker for me – as I have a number of favorite iPad stands that have no such issues so I can feel good about quickly placing the iPad into them and removing them.

This may well be quite a good stand for a MacBook laptop, but for me it’s not cut out for being an iPad stand.

The Moku Desktop Chair goes for $37.99. You can see more details and place an order at the BitMyApple product page for it.

Disclosure: BiteMyApple provided a review unit of this iPad accessory to iPad Insight. For information on our review policies please see our About page.

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  1. I’m not gonna buy this stand, but I like bent wood amd that it resembles an Eames chair.

    You say “It renders the iPad near useless if placed in portrait mode in the stand – as it completely covers the home button and makes it inaccessible.” Just rotate the iPad so the home button is up and not hidden by the wooden lip and it will work just fine.

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