Quick Look – SofShell Smart Cover Companion Case for iPad 2

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I did a Cool Things post a few weeks back on an anti-slip iPad back cover that was able to keep an iPad on the trunk of a Porsche while going 60mph. The case in question is the SofShell for iPad 2 with Smart Cover.

The main benefits of the SofShell for iPad 2, apart from joyriding opportunities on Porsches – are its strong anti-slip qualities and its equally strong anti-drop protection. Here’s a full listing of its key features:

•Securely holds Apple’s Smart Cover onto the iPad2
•Anti-slip on angles up to 70 degrees…stays where you put it and is EASY to hold
•Superior accidental drop protection…REDUCES 43% of shock (G-Force) energy
•Fully encases bezel to protect the screen when placed face down
•Fits like a glove right out of the box and keeps its fit even after extended use
•Easy on and easy off due to the interior case texture
•Crystal clear material lets you see your device through the case
•Hypoallergenic and Latex Free…medical-grade material to protect you and your device
•Excellent durability … outperforms silicone, neoprene, rubber and urethane cases
•EASY to keep clean

The PR guys for Sofproducts were kind enough to send me a SofShell for iPad 2 review unit. I’m sorry to say I’m not impressed with it. It may be a great fit for folks in certain environments, but it is absolutely not for me.

I did not find it as easy as advertised to get the case on and off the iPad 2 with its smart cover on. My big turn-off though is how much lint and assorted junk the case picks up in just minutes.

I’d literally had the case out of its packaging and going onto the iPad 2 for under 10 minutes and it was already collecting dust and hair on both the inside and outside of the cover. The flyer that came with the SofShell advises that …

Anti-slip means tacky so case may pick up some lint. Don’t worry, it’s EASY to clean. Follow these steps.

And it offers some brief instructions on washing it in warm water.

I should mention that my home office environment is clean but far from immaculate. I have a 100-pound Labrador as my office colleague, and he sheds year-round. Perhaps if you work in a more pristine environment, or a rugged one where cases that accumulate dirt are no big deal, then this side of things with the SofShell will never be a concern.

For me, it was a quick dealbreaker. Touch wood, I have never had a major drop of either of my iPads. The need for super-strong anti-slip abilities or anti-drop protection is slim to none for me – but I do want a case that doesn’t pick up lint and hair like a magnet, and show it off immediately because its transparent.

So my time with the SofShell was quite short. It’s not the sort of case I need or want to have on my iPad 2. Again, your mileage may vary a lot depending on your work environment for the iPad.

The SofShell for iPad 2 with Smart Cover goes for $49.50 – you can see more details on it or place an order at its product page: http://sofproducts.com/store/SofShell-for-iPad2-with-Smart-Cover-Clear.html

Disclosure: Sofproducts provided me with a review sample of the SofShell for iPad 2. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page

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One thought on “Quick Look – SofShell Smart Cover Companion Case for iPad 2”

  1. Well the Porsche ride has to cover up for the dirt I guess. I was pretty excited when I saw the video with the iPad getting a ride on the car. So I decided to order one since my Belkin snap shield was cracking more and more everyday. I’m in the uk so I thought $ 50 is not that bad for a back cover. However getting to the shipping page I had to pay another $ 50 for delivery to the uk. So $100 for something that is not even that innovative didn’t convince after all. So if you’re not in the US it doesn’t even worth shipping. I would say it is a bad approach from the Sofshell since its killing a potential market and limits them to US customers only

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