Quick Look: ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass for iPad Air 2

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I usually plan items to review on this site, but this $50 ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass was really more of an impulse purchase to take advantage of a great 50% discount. My friend installed the Glass shield for me on Christmas Eve, and so I’ve really had only a few days with it to glean some impressions. Installation took a few minutes and was fairly simple, and ZAGG included the wipes and cleaning cloths required to clean things up. One interesting detail was the addition of a yellow tinted plastic cover for the glass, which helped a lot in lining everything up properly.

I had never put much stock in putting a sheet of glass on top of another sheet of glass for protection, but having seen the smooth look of a glass protector on my friend’s iPhone 6, I decided to give it a shot. The main reason I wanted glass was to ensure that my screen could take the abuse of being shoved into my bag without a case. I still carry the Logitech Ultrathin around with me everywhere, but I don’t necessarily keep it attached. That’s because I want instant access to the iPad when I pull it out of my bag, without having to fiddle with any extra cover. I find that makes my iPad Air 2 feel immediately more usable as a mobile computer.

The Glass is interesting because the sides of the shield are curved, which mimic the iPhone 6 design (although it isn’t nearly as smooth or seamless a curve). The feel is also a little different. Maybe it’s because the Glass is so new, but it’s significantly smoother to the touch than the Air’s screen. My fingers glide more easily across this glass surface, and that changes the way that touch interaction feels. I haven’t yet noticed a difference in weight, and I’m usually sensitive to those things. I can still comfortably hold the Air 2 in one or two hands for extended use.

There are only two possible downsides to the Glass thus far. I haven’t really had enough testing time to see the effects of glare, but I do have a feeling this extra layer of glass will affect it. TouchID does seem just a little bit spottier than it was before, and for the first time ever in my Air 2 ownership, it can actually mis-identify my fingerprint.

I was initially quite skeptical of this product, but now that I’ve got a bit of hands-on time, I’m at least willing to test it out on my iPad for a month or two. Time will tell whether or not the added durability and smoothness will make up for a slight increase in glare (which is one thing the Air 2 improved upon over the Air).

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  1. I too own an iPad Air 2 with the Zagg glass protective shield. Since the shield does not cover the Touch ID button, I fail to see how your intermittent problems with Touch ID would have anything to do with the Zagg shield. I have not experienced any of the problems you are describing.

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