Review: CaseCrown Bold Standby Case for New iPad / iPad 2

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CaseCrown Bold Standby Case for New iPad

The CaseCrown Bold Standby Case for the New iPad / iPad 2 was one of the first cases I saw available for the new 2012 iPad, and one of the first ones I ordered. It’s one of a number of new iPad cases I’ve had around and been using for a while and I’m going to try to crank out reviews for a number of them soon – starting with this one.


The CaseCrown Bold Standby comes in three colors – black, purple, and red. I got a black one. It’s made of genuine leather and has an interior lining made of soft, non-scratch material. Here’s its feature list via the CaseCrown page for it:

-Built-in magnetic strip provides sleep/wake feature
-Cover has flip capability to transform the case into a horizontal viewing stand
-Open interior pocket for easy insertion of new iPad / iPad 2 and velcro flap to secure it in place
-Made from genuine leather
-Colors shown in pictures may slightly differ from actual product due to lighting and color settings

I bought this case on Amazon back in March for $25. It’s listed at the CaseCrown site today at $41.95. See below the end of the review for purchasing links.

Inside cover


— The leather on the Bold Standby looks and feels quite nice. It’s not overly soft or padded, and doesn’t feel like a premium, finest leather style case – but it’s more than nice enough, especially given its price point.

— This is one of the more lightweight folio style cases I’ve used, and that’s a very nice feature.

— The iPad’s automatic sleep/wake feature works well with this case. I haven’t seen any of the inadvertent invoking of the sleep/wake feature when handling the case that I’ve seen with some other folio-style cases.

— The front cover closes nicely without the use of any sort of clasp. I’m not fond of clasp closures, so I like this feature of the case as well – one less thing to mess with.

— The case does have a velcro tab that secures the iPad within its frame inside the case. It’s still very easy to get insert and remove the iPad from the case and this tab works very well and holds the iPad in place quite securely.

— The CaseCrown wordmark is applied towards the bottom right of the front cover, it’s relatively subtle so it’s not disagreeable to see it there.

CaseCrown wordmark

— The cutouts for the iPad’s buttons and ports are all done fairly well. The back camera cutout doesn’t seem spot-on but it’s not terribly far off and the camera works fine. The rest are more precise and using all the buttons and ports is easy while in the case.

— The front cover folds over the back easily, so it’s comfortable to use the iPad for just about anything while it’s in the case.

Back cover


— When used as a stand the case only offers one position – one that is clearly suited for viewing, but not well-suited at all for typing.

Stand mode

— The inside front cover is a soft black material that feels nice – but it  gets dirty very easily and makes any dirt, dust, and specks that get on it very obvious to see.

Dirty interior cover


The CaseCrown Bold Standby is a solid and affordable case for the new 2012 iPad (or the iPad 2). It’s good looking and feels good to carry and while working with the iPad in the case as well.

You can get more details on it at the CaseCrown Bold Standby product page, and order it there for $41.95. Or you can currently get it on Amazon for just just $20.

Amazon link

Disclosure: This accessory was independently purchased by the post author. For more information on our review policies please see our About page.

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  1. I’ve had my ‘case crown bold standby case’ on my iPad 2 for six months now, and there is not one thing I could complain about. Like said in the above article, the sleep/awake feature is excellent, all the cutouts are there and look beautiful, also it’s offers superior protection (I’ve dropped my iPad down the stairs). The case CAN have two viewing angles, the upright stand as shown above and a typing stand if you lie the case down, very much like a smart cover.

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