Review: Griffin A-Frame Stand for iPad

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Griffin A-Frame for iPad

I didn’t do a whole lot of Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping this year, but I did spot a few bargains that tempted me into a purchase. One of them was the Griffin A-Frame Stand for iPad.

As some of you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of iPad stands. I like having my iPad / iPads close by even when I’m not using them – as I never go long during my workday without needing them for something. Since my iPad mini is now regularly in use in my favorite Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand, a new stand for my iPad 3 seemed a good item to grab during the seasonal sales. At some point while perusing Amazon the Griffin A-Frame caught my eye, and then a price tag of just $12.98 really grabbed my attention.

So how good a stand is the Griffin A-Frame for $13? The short answer is it pretty much reminds me that you get what you pay for. Hit the break for some reasons why …

Griffin A-Fram iPad Stand


The Griffin A-Frame is built for the standard sized iPad and supports all generations of it: the original iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 (March 2012), and iPad 4 (November 2012).

It’s a relatively heavy, solid aluminum stand that can hold the iPad in portrait or landscape mode. It can also hold the iPad with the Smart Cover tucked to the back and with some slim hard shell cases.

Here are its key features, as shared on Griffin’s product page for it:

    • Simple, beautiful table and desktop stand for your iPad
    • Holds iPad upright in landscape and portrait views or at a lower, wrist-friendly angle for surfing, reading and more.
    • Stable aluminum a-frame design
    • Non-slip rubber cradle accommodates Griffin’s flexible and hard-shell cases and many others
    • Allows easy access to the dock connector for charging and syncing during use

It’s currently out of stock at the Griffin site, but is priced at $22.99 there. At the Apple online store it’s priced at $29.95 and listed as shipping in 1-2 months. Amazon has some available though at $19.69.


— The Griffin A-Frame looks OK on a desk or table. I wouldn’t say it’s great looking by any means, but it has a solid, professional appearance.

— The footprint for the stand is relatively compact.

— It’s nice to be able to slot the iPad into it with a Smart Cover or slim back cover case on it.

— It holds the iPad at a decent viewing angle.

iPad in Griffin Stand


— The angle the iPad is held at is not adjustable at all. Even just a minor degree of flexibility to slant the iPad a bit would be welcome.

— The second position for the stand, when you close legs of it and lay it flat, is touted by Griffin as perfect for reading and surfing or gaming. I’d beg to disagree there. When it’s laid flat the stand feels cumbersome and not especially conducive to any prolonged use of the iPad.

Griffin Stand flat

— The Griffin branding on the front of the stand is a little too strong for my taste too.


The Griffin A-Frame is an OK iPad stand. It does its job and there’s nothing terribly wrong with it. For me, it just doesn’t compare well to several other iPad desk stands I’ve used. At $13 it’s not a bad buy,  but I don’t feel like I’d want to pay much more for it – and it’s not a stand that will keep a place on my desk for long.

For more details on the Griffin A-Frame check out the Griffin product page for it.

Disclosure: This iPad accessory was independently purchased by the post author. For information on our review policies please see our About page.

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