Review: Griffin Slim Folio Case for iPad mini

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Griffin Slim Folio for iPad mini

Griffin are one of the big names in iOS accessories. They seem to have just about every sort of accessory possible for iDevices, and they were one of the first companies to send me a promo email about their line of cases for the iPad mini – just a few days after the mini’s launch.

I chose to take them up on their offer to try out a Griffin Slim Folio for iPad mini. I cant say I had super high expectations for this case; in fact I didn’t have much of any sort of expectation (good or bad) as I’ve only ever used one other Griffin case, way back in the early days of the original iPad. So at least I can’t say that this case was a huge disappointment – but I can say it’s a pretty terrible case.


Here’s a little of the promo text for the Griffin Slim Folio for iPad mini:

Dress iPad mini up with style and functionality using Slim Folio – a one-piece case lined with microsuede that flips open for quick access to the touchscreen and closes like a book. Flip the cover around and lock it back to turn the folio into a two-position workstand. Custom cutouts give easy access to camera lens, controls and connectors.

The case is available in  black, chocolate and pebble/black. My review unit is a chocolate model.

It’s priced at $39.99 at Griffin’s store, and you can find it for a little less on Amazon.

Griffin Slim Folio for iPad mini


Sadly, almost none to speak of.

— The case can be used as a fairly decent stand for the iPad mini in viewing mode.


— I’d say the case would be better described as flimsy rather than slim. It feels like very poor quality material and is not very nice to hold.

— The interior frane that holds the iPad mini covers the side bezels completely when in portrait mode. This interferes with multitouch gestures and even with typing at times.

Griffin Slim Folio for iPad mini

— It also gets in the way of seeing the very top and bottom elements on the screen in landscape mode. The folder icon shown below at the top left of the iA Writer app is very difficult to tap while in this case. This case actually makes it considerably harder to use the iPad mini while it’s in it. 

Griffin Slim Folio for iPad mini

— And even prevents you from tapping top corner buttons at times. Maybe the best quick example of this is that I can only see just the ’ad’ in the word ‘iPad’ in the status bar in portrait mode:

Griffin Slim Folio for iPad mini

— The fit of the iPad mini in the case doesn’t feel right either. It feels too tight, like it’s about to bust out of the seams.

— The cutouts for iPad mini buttons and ports are not done precisely. The camera cutout is noticeably askew.

Canera Cutout

— The case doesn’t support the iPad’s automatic sleep/wake feature.


The Griffin Slim Folio is not a high quality case for the iPad. It looks rushed out or just badly made. The way the interior frame interferes with using the iPad mini is a dealbreaker right away. If this were a $10 case I’d still it’s not worth the money. At $40 it’s a bit of a joke. Not recommended.

Disclosure: Griffin provided the post author with a review unit for this case. For information on our review policies please see our About page.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Griffin Slim Folio Case for iPad mini”

  1. I’ve just bought this case for my mini and they seem to have fixed most of the issues that your review raises.

    The “interior frame” on mine is much narrower than the one in your photos so that it does not overlap the screen area, the cutouts are in the right place, and my iPad seems to fit in there nicely. I wonder if they have redesigned the case slightly since launch?

    1. It sure sounds like they have had a major redesign, or maybe I just got a (very) dud unit. That would be odd for a review unit though.

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