Review: Harber London Leather Messenger Bag for iPad

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It wouldn’t take anyone looking around this site long to figure out that I have a thing for leather accessories. Cases, sleeves, bags, and pretty much anything else- I’ve reviewed them all over the years and continue to use many of them today. There’s just something about the look and feel of a well-made leather accessory that really appeals to me, much the same as fine woodworking.

I started reviewing accessories from Harber London last year, and I continue to be very impressed with the quality and workmanship of their products. The color, look and feel are all luxurious. Just pick one up if you ever have the chance and you’ll see what I mean.

The primary details that have stuck with me over the course of three reviews is how soft and buttery smooth their vegetable-tanned leather feels and how consistent the quality is. Harber London’s products stand toe-to-toe with the best of the best of leather accessory makers.

I’ve been using their Leather Messenger Bag for iPad over the last three weeks, and I really like what I see. While the Tan version is pictured in this stock photo from Harber London, I got the Dark Brown version this time around. I really like the look of it, and as I said above, their products always feel amazing.

I got the Messenger Bag in the 12.9″ iPad Pro size so it would fit my new Pro when it arrived. However, for those who prefer small iPads, note that Harber London also has a version of the bag for 11″ and under models.

In my testing, I’ve found that the larger version of the Messenger Bag for iPad is big enough for not just a 12.9″ iPad Pro, but also any other 12.9″ or under laptop or tablet.

For example, I was able to fit a Surface Pro 7 in this bag with no problem, so any similarly sized laptop should also fit just fine. However, the primary purpose for the Messenger Bag is the iPad Pro, which fits perfectly alone or in a keyboard case.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard is slim enough that it works well in either of the Messenger Bag’s internal pockets, located on either side. Other keyboard cases may be a tighter fit, but they should still work. I tried the Logitech Combo Touch and the Brydge Pro+, both of which are quite a bit thicker than the Magic Keyboard. Both are snug fits, but they still work. If these thicker keyboard cases fit, then may other standard iPad cases should, as well.

Speaking of the Messenger Bag’s pockets, either is big enough to fit an iPad Pro or similar. I personally prefer using the one opposite the logo side of the bag, which has a small strap and snap for extra security. The pocket on the logo side has a magnetic closure, which can’t hold the pocket closed with an iPad Pro inside. However, it’s perfect for plenty of other things, such as papers, larger cables, or even a slim Bluetooth keyboard.

The interior of the Messenger Bag has a lot of pockets and holders that are perfect for organizing all kinds of chargers, cables and accessories. As you can see here, there’s room for business cards, AirPods, pens and pencils, etc.

If you take a look at the bottom left, Harber London included an interesting solution to keep up with keys.

This magnetic keychain doesn’t just secure your keys inside of the bag but can also be removed to use on the go.

The interior of the bag is also roomy and can handle some larger loose items. For example, I was able to fit my AirPods Max in the interior along with my iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard in one of the pockets without the bag looking stretched or overloaded. The Messenger Bag is plenty big to carry what you need if your iPad Pro is your primary computing device.

As you can see in the picture above, the Messenger Bag has an adjustable nylon shoulder strap with a leather shoulder pad. It’s thin, light, no-frills and gets the job done without causing any discomfort while carrying.

The shoulder strap is also removable. This is a relatively small thing, but there are times when you want to carry a bag in your hand and the strap just gets in the way. Not all bag makers give you the option to remove a shoulder strap like this, so I appreciate small touches like this that add versatility to a bag.

The Messenger Bag has a zippered opening at the top, but unlike Harber London’s leather briefcases, the zipper only opens across the top and about 1/3 of the way down each side. The most important point to note here is that the zipper is heavy-duty and looks like it will hold up for a long time. If you are buying an expensive leather bag, that’s not a trivial feature.

After reviewing Harber London’s Carry-All iPad Folio and Magnetic Envelope Sleeve, I had high expectations for their Leather Messenger Bag for iPad. Those expectations were met and exceeded. It has the same quality leather and workmanship of the above product and it’s very versatile. The Messenger Bag is a perfect way to carry all that you need for your iPad Pro with you in one very attractive package. If you love fine leather accessories and need a versatile daily-use bag for your iPad Pro and accessories, then you should definitely check out Harber London’s Leather Messenger Bag for iPad.

Pro Tip: If you use both a laptop and an iPad Pro and want a bag that will pull double-duty, you should consider Harber London’s Leather Messenger Bags for MacBooks. They come in sizes for 13″ and 16″ Apple laptops, but have similar design and construction and will also hold an iPad Pro.

The Leather Messenger Bag for iPad is available from Harber London for $274 in the 11″ size and $317 for the 12.9″ size.

The Leather Messenger Bag for iPad was provided for review on iPad Insight by Harber London. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the About page.

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