Review: HiRise 2 Deluxe for iPad

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HiRise 2 Deluxe for iPad

The HiRise 2 is a simple, elegant and sturdy lightning powered charging stand for the iPad and iPhone.  It’s made by the excellent folks at Twelve South, so you know going in that it will be a quality product.  From my experience, the list of iPad stands that are functional and also something that you would be proud to have on display at your workplace is short.  So when I went looking for a stand that would work for my iPad and iPhone, I was encouraged to see that the HiRise 2 had just been released.  Although I liked the original HiRise Deluxe, the improvements made to the HiRise 2 solidified it as my preferred stand, and here’s why.

HiRise 2 Deluxe for iPad


With the original HiRise design, the base was wider and it tapered from back to front to a thin, teardrop profile creating a larger footprint than with the updated HiRise 2 version.  Although this approach worked great for iPhones it was not as reliable and sturdy for the larger iPad’s.  The HiRise 2 was able to improve on this design while still being one third smaller.  This reduced footprint was countered by making it twice as heavy, and slightly thicker, which greatly increased overall stability.  In addition, the designers at Twelve South have taken some extra time to also update the overall look and feel of the HiRise 2 by creating a curved edge that they say is inspired by the newest iPhone design.

HiRise 2 Deluxe for iPad


For most users, there isn’t a long list of desired features with an iPad stand.  The main function is to hold your iPad sturdy and at an easy viewing angle, while simultaneously charging your iPad.  The HiRise 2 definitely successfully fulfills these requirements, while also providing users with an attractive piece of hardware to sit on your desk, nightstand or counter.  The HiRise 2 comes in two versions, the original and the Deluxe.  The only difference is that the Deluxe model includes charging cables that match the color of the stand. Available in white, silver and black, the Deluxe includes both a MFi-certified Lightning and Micro-USB cable–for all those times you might want to charge your iPad or iPhone while it’s still in a charging case.

HiRise 2 Deluxe for iPad

When plugging your iPad or iPhone into the HiRise 2 for the first time you will need to make a few adjustments based on your needs.  Will you be using a case or not?  If so, you can adjust the height of the Lightning plug to correspond to the thickness of your case.  There are three different lightning inserts to choose from.  There is one for a flush installment, and then two more that each are slightly higher then the previous option.  In addition, you can further adjust the fit and of your device while plugged into the charging stand by adjusting the knob in the back that, when loosened, will allow you to slide the back forward based upon the thickness of your device and how tight you want the fit to be.

Additional Uses


Since the HiRise 2 charges using Apple Lightning cables you’re not restricted to charging only your iPad or iPhone.  With the growing number of Apple Magic peripherals, you can also use it to top off the charge on your Apple Pencil, Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard, Apple TV Siri remote, Apple AirPods (when they become available) as well as some third party game controllers. Personally, I like to dock my iPad and iPhone at my desk while at work and stream music and podcasts to my Bluetooth headphones with our having to worry about additional messy cords and running the charge down on my devices at the same time.


  • Sturdy
  • Stylish
  • Adjustable
  • Good Value


  • Need two hands to remove
  • Viewing angle is fixed

HiRise 2 Deluxe for iPad


There wasn’t too much I didn’t like about the HiRise 2 Deluxe. It’s much more sturdy than the previous model, and the added weight and reduced footprint was a big selling point, especially if you’ve used the original HiRise for any extended length of time.  I do wish that I could adjust the viewing angle slightly.  As it stands right now, my devices sit under my monitors, and being able to lean the HiRise 2 back would make it easier to view items on the top of my iPad or iPhone.  Not a deal breaker, just a subtle change that I would prefer.  You can pick ups your very own HiRise 2 Deluxe for $59.99 , and the HiRise 2 without the included cords for only $39.99.

The HiRise 2 Deluxe charging stand for iPad was provided for review on iPad Insight by Twelve South. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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