Review: iOstand for iPad

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iOSStand for iPad

iOstand is a sturdy, magnetic stand for the iPad and other tablets. The promo for it claims it ‘allows for instant mounting of your device and rotation in practically any direction’. I’ve been testing one out for a few weeks and I’m impressed with it.


The iOstand comes in three colors – Black Powdercoat, White Powdercoat, and stainless steel. I received the black model as a review unit.

The stand is roughly the height of an iPad in  portrait mode.  You use an additional piece called an iOadapt to attach your iPad to the magnetic core of the stand. Here’s a little background on the piece:

The razor-thin (.025″) iOadapt™ adheres instantly to your device and snaps to the iOcore™ adaptor. The iOcore provides nearly limitless viewing angles by allowing your device to rotate in any direction around the precision machined iOsphere™. Detaching your device is just as easy as snapping it on. Simply grab and pull it off from the iOcore™.

The iOadapt piece has  a high strength adhesive and is very difficult to remove, so the makers recommend installing it on a case rather than the iPad itself. I took their advice and applied it to my Padintosh back cover case for the iPad.  

iOSstand is priced at $100.

Case in iOStand


— Applying the iOadapt to a case is quick and easy and the iPad feels completely secure once it’s attached to the iOstand. I’ve brushed and bumped against the iPad while it’s in the stand and even give it a good shake while carrying it from one room to another – and it holds firm and feels safe.

— The iOstand feels solid and very sturdy without being heavy to handle. So it’s easy to move it between rooms when using it for different purposes. I’ve been primarily using it when doing home workouts – with the iPad running videos to guide me through some new routines.

iPad in iOStand

— Rotating the iPad around in the stand is also a cinch – so you can adjust on the fly to find the best angle for whatever you’re doing. I’m not sure a diagonal angle will ever be much use, but it was fun trying it out.

iOstand Angled


— Because of the height of the stand, it’s not one you’ll want to use when you need to be typing on the iPad – but rather for viewing. Having said that, I can still see a good number of uses for this stand. I’m not much of a cook and don’t like the idea of having my iPad anywhere near cooking, but I imagine many cooking enthusiasts would put this to good use in the kitchen.


— The stand is handsome enough to be suitable for use in a variety of locations – though one of the leaflets that comes with it warns that it should be kept at a safe distance from any computers with conventional hard drives. This is to avoid any potential damage from the magnets used in the stand. This has left me a little shy when it comes to using the stand on my desk, where I have a MacBook Pro and several external drives in a relatively crowded space.


The iOstand is a handsome and impressive stand for the iPad. It’s easy to use, provides a great range of viewing angles, and keeps the iPad safe and secure.

It should serve well in home, office, or possible even retail environments. I have certainly got some very good use out of it and will continue to use it often.

For more details or to place an order, check out the iOstand product page at the iOmounts site.

Disclosure: As mentioned above, iOmounts provided an iOstand as a review unit. For information on our review policies please see our About page.

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