Review: iPad Stabile Stand – 4 Pounds of iPad Stand

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I’m a big fan of iPad stands. I use the iPad continuously throughout my work day, so having it close at hand in a good stand is very useful for me. The Stabile iPad Stand from Thoughtout is four pounds worth of ever-so-solid iPad stand – so I was interested as soon as I saw my friend Larry Greenberg’s review of it, and ordered one right away.

I got mine early this week and it has been a fixture on my desktop ever since I unpacked it – and of course I’ve got some thoughts to share on it. Hit the break for those and some shots of the four-pound beast in action …

Stabile iPad Stand


The Stabile iPad Stand is made in the USA – something that’s always nice to see when looking at accessories for iPad and iOS devices. It’s made of solid steel and you can feel it’s four pounds of iPad support as soon as you take it out of its packaging.

Here’s some of what the stand’s makers, Thoughtout, have to say about it

At 2.5 times the weight of an iPad, with an extremely low and user focused center of gravity Stabile has the stability that other iPad stands will not duplicate. For your daily use this iPad stand has Thought Out characteristics like split back cable management, anti slip and non-skid feet and quality protective padding where your iPad rest. Use without or with a case or skin in portrait or landscape, and look cool doing it.

  • Solid American steel, nearly 4 lbs.
  • Anti-tip low and user focused center of gravity
  • Artistic shape and design without or with a case or skin
  • Proven 55° viewing angle in portrait or landscape
  • Spilt back™ cable management
  • Finish
    • Silver – Matching Apple keyboard
    • White – Low texture
    • Black – Low texture
  • 4 holding pad locations (Santoprene 3M) available as spare part
  • 4 stabilization non-skid black feet (Polyurethane 3M) available as spare part
  • iPad 2, iPad Original

Stabile iPad Stand


— It’s heavy and extremely solid. The weight of it feels great right away. This thing could take a good knock and not be in any danger of falling over or letting your iPad fall over.

— Both the original iPad and the iPad 2 will fit nicely in this stand. In fact, they’ll fit nicely in it even when you’ve got a case on them (with many slimline cases).

— The angle it holds the iPad at works well for both viewing things and typing / tapping / interacting with the iPad, especially when the iPad is in landscape mode.

— The split back is quite nice for making sync / charge cable connection easy.

— I got the silver color stand and I like how it fits in with my MacBook Pro on my desk.

— It looks good – with the iPad in it and when standing alone.



— It takes up a lot of desk space. I need to think more about where to position this stand than I do with the JustMobile UpStand, which has been my favorite for some time.


The Stabile iPad Stand is touted as ‘simple, elegant, and stable’ in the makers’ demo video – and it absolutely lives up to that description. If you like a handsome and professional desktop stand for the iPad, this is four big pounds of iPad stand happiness. It has quickly become my new favorite stand for the iPad 2.

Here’s a link for Thoughtout’s page for the Stabile iPad Stand; it’s priced at $59.99.

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