Review – Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand

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Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand

As I’ve admitted here before, I’m a big lover of iPad stands. I have a favorite portable iPad stand (the Compass Mobile Stand from Twelve South) and a few favorites for use on my desk – including the Just Mobile UpStand)

The first time I saw the Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand, I knew it was one that I definitely wanted to try out. I thought it looked elegant and promising – and happily it has turned out to be both, in spades.


Here’s a bit of description and features detail from Just Mobile’s page for the stand:

Designed by the award-winning team at tools®, the Encore™ features a solid aluminum base ring and hinged arm. Adjust the arm to choose the perfect viewing angle for videos, or fold it down for rock-solid typing support.

  • Iconic design by tools
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Foldable for portability
  • Compatible with most tablet computers
  • Solid support for typing

This is the lowest standing desk stand I’ve used for the iPad, and quite lightweight as well.

It’s priced at $59.95.

Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand


— This is a very handsome stand – it looks great on a desk or wherever it gets used.

— The design is very clever. The rubberized arm has a very good range of positions and is super easy to adjust quickly between positions that are ideal for viewing or typing.

Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand

Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand

— The arm folds down quite flat – so it is a very portable stand. Not ‘put in your pocket’ portable like the Compass Mobile, but very light and small enough to easily fit in a small messenger bag or just carry in your hand.

Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand

— It takes up very little space – so it’s easy to shift it around on a desk or wherever you’re using it.

— Despite its diminutive stature, it’s a very, very solid case. The iPad feels good and secure in it in both landscape and portrait positions.

— It’s the first iPad stand I’ve seen that seems equally capable as a desk and portable stand. That’s a very nice feature.


None to speak of.


I had high hopes for this stand, and I have not been at all disappointed. This is my new favorite iPad stand, the one I’m using every day on my desk, and one that I feel happy about taking out and about as well.

It’s great looking, very well designed, and uniquely versatile.

For more details or to place an order check out the Just Mobile page for the Encore here:

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